If League of Legends has an Avengers team

Iron Man - {{champion:81}} maybe... idk, I can't think of anyone else Black Widow - {{champion:21}} or{{champion:498}} or{{champion:145}} or{{champion:84}} Thor - {{champion:2}} or{{champion:516}} Hulk - {{champion:36}} or{{champion:14}} Captain America - {{champion:86}} or{{champion:201}} or{{champion:80}} Hawkeye - {{champion:110}} Quicksilver - {{champion:11}} i think Scarlet Witch - {{champion:55}} or{{champion:103}} or{{champion:25}} or{{champion:134}} Black Panther - {{champion:236}} Pepper Potts - {{champion:51}} or{{champion:22}} Vision - {{champion:202}} Mantis - {{champion:518}} maybe Captain Marvel - {{champion:10}} or{{champion:99}} or{{champion:89}} Falcon - I honestly don't know War Machine - {{champion:38}} or{{champion:112}} Spiderman - {{champion:91}} maybe... Antman - this too i don't know Wasp - {{champion:60}} in a way Valkyrie - {{champion:89}} or{{champion:39}} or{{champion:10}} Dr. Strange - {{champion:13}} Starlord - {{champion:126}} Gamora - {{champion:145}} Drax - {{champion:23}} Rocket - {{champion:240}} or{{champion:68}} or{{champion:115}} Loki - {{champion:238}} Nebula - {{champion:164}} or{{champion:254}} Winter Soldier - {{champion:122}} or{{champion:157}} or{{champion:517}} Okoye - {{champion:113}} Shuri - {{champion:163}} Man Ape - {{champion:62}} or{{champion:12}} or{{champion:77}} or{{champion:48}} Honestly some of this champions doesn't even fit with the characters that I selected but you know, this is just for fun. Also, do suggest anyone else who you think fit to be an Avenger. Peace
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