Made 45 emotes in celebration of the launch of patch 7.20

[]( Patch 7.20 is FINALLY here. I've been waiting for emotes to come out for a while. And while I was waiting, I've made 45 different fan made emotes. Hope you guys like em'. I usually stream myself drawing these at If this post gets a good reception, I guess I'll try to stream myself making one emote for every champion again (which was my original goal). It's just Bard thinking. What else can I say? --- But.. I was in alpha... --- Cool Zeds don't look at explosions. --- I drew this knowing what Yasuo players are like.. --- Ugh.. --- Nocturne looks disappointed. --- #SURPRISE!!! I WAS HIDING!! --- When the ADC actually does something. --- ... --- One red winion. One blue winion. That's all. --- When you witness the outplay of the century. --- #Mundo confused.. --- I ate oranges and it was K. --- Rage gene Gnar. --- I know he's not a full brotha, but my screen's color contrast was out of wack at the time. You get the idea of the emote though. ######homunculus1 LUL --- Doesn't really look like singed420, but hey. Whatever. --- Best buds. --- Poorly drawn, funny idea. --- When you're proxying and actually manage to execute yourself instead of giving a kill. --- Missing the 4th shot... --- MUSTACHE HAT RAISE. --- Grab. The. Lantern. --- Stone skin is his passive, y'all. --- WOAH. CHILL. --- It's a Mist Walker. --- Gotta have that safe *space.* NO ASSASSINS ALLOWED. --- <3 --- Saddlings. --- COME ON, BLOBLET. YOU CAN DO IT. GO GO GO! --- "Hey, I saw a guy going AP Shyvana on Youtube. Trust me I'll carry." --- Veigar about to ult. --- Cashing in those adoration stacks. --- Hmm. --- Body blocked ult.. --- Deeply depressed? That's okay! Just type ':^)' to hide those emotions! --- Okay. Let me try to explain these two emotes. When two different players use these emotes near each other, then the two halves of the heart will automatically attach to each other like this: Ya' get it? --- Getting ganked? Just ult away, man. --- Flash that KDA! --- Noxious trap? More like Obnoxious trap. --- SPAM WITH RESPONSIBILITY. --- Old McNasus had a farm. Q Q Q Q Q. --- Meeps pretty much are little suicide bombers, aren't they? --- Not even close babyyy ---
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