New Item Concept: Imperial Mail (Legendary Tank Item)

**Build Path: {{item:1011}} + {{item:1011}} +{{item:1031}} =2720 +1080 to finish the item = 3800 Gold total (Yes, It's expensive, but on point) Hit Points: 1000 Armor: 50** **Note: This item is for Melees only. (Locked for ranged characters)** **Note: You need at least 4000 HP to unlock the Unique Passives of this item** _ Story: The Lost King has left a special touch on such armor he wore, It was meant to be for wars and battles. Yet he was slain by a horde of invaders in his Kingdom. Therefore, only the brave warriors will wear his armor in the battlefield. _ **Unique Passive: Blocks 15% of the auto attack (Including all types of on-hit damages) and heals for the same amount the damage is blocked.** **Unique Passive: +7% Movement Speed** **This item will be mainly for late game tanks who get melted so fast by the enemy marksmen, this item will keep their survivability on point to keep either peeling for allies or fighting.** **Tanks now are useless, and the game has so much sustain + damage from so many champions, especially the auto attackers, this item will be a made up counter item for the counter tank champions in late game. **
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