Mini Galio Re-Rework

> **[Passive] Colossal Magnitude** Whenever Galio applies a new instance of ability damage to an enemy target(s), their AP is reduced by ((5/10/15%) based on Galios ultimate rank) of Galios Magic Resist for 4 seconds. The instances of damage counter reset after [45/30/15] seconds based on Ultimate rank. >If Galio reduces total AP equal or greater than (20/30/40%) of his bonus Magic Resist, he can use **Colossal Smash**, which Auto Attack smashes a target for (value of AP drained (+ 110% bMR) (+50% AP) (+200% tAD)) in an AoE, dealing (+50% tMR) bonus damage to minions. (Cooldown 28/20/12/4 seconds based on level). ---- >** [Q] Winds of War ** Galio fires two windblasts that arc to either side before converging onto the target area, dealing ((70/110/150/190/230)(+50% AP)(+75% MR) damage, amplified by +50% against minions. When the blasts meet, the gusts form a tornado that slowly advances for 2 seconds, dealing (2%(+0.5% per 100 AP)(+1% per 100 MR)) of targets max HP in magic damage, and draining (2/4/6/8/10%) of their _current_ mana every 0.5 seconds to every enemy within, capped at 30%. If Galio drains equal or more mana than the cost of **Winds of War** at its latest casted rank [count stacks through multiple casts], he can automatically cast **Colossal Smash**. ---- > **[W] Shield of Durand** > Passively amplifies Galios total Magic Resist by (2/4/6/8/10% of bMR). Galio charges for up to 3 seconds, slowing himself by 15% and gaining (20/25/30/35/40%(+%5 per 100 AP)(+10% per 100 bonus MR)) as a shield against magic damage, half of the value against physical damage. During the charge, he may still use summoner spells and item actives with no cast animation attached. The longer he charges, the longer the taunt duration becomes and the range steadily increases. CC does not end the charge. >Flashing while charging will cause **Shield of Durand** to automatically go off in target location for the minimum damage and taunt duration. Upon second cast, Galio refreshes the damage reduction shields for 2 seconds and drains (20/40/60/80/100)(+20% AP)(+40% MR) Mana and AP from all enemies caught, increased up to 200% based on charge time. If Galio drains for equal or more than (50% tAP) (+50% tMR), he can automatically cast **Colossal Smash**. --- >** [E] Justice Punch** > Galio steps backward, and after 0.4 seconds, dashes quickly forward until hitting a champion or terrain, dealing 60% damage to all enemies along the way. Upon hitting an enemy champion, Galio deals ((50/100/150/200/250)(+70% AP)(+50% MR)) and knocks them up for 0.75 seconds, also letting you instantly cast **Colossal Smash**. Deals half damage in a small AoE upon hitting terrain, and stuns Galio for 0.35 seconds. --- >** [R] Hero's Entrance** Galio designates the target allied champion's location at the time of cast as his landing spot, channeling for 1.5 seconds before dashing to that spot. This is reduced to 1 second if target ally has been affected by CC in the past 5 seconds. Upon landing, Galio deals ((200/250/300)(+70% AP) (+80% MR)) to all enemies in an inner circle as well as applying **Colossal Magnitude** twice to those targets, knocking them up for 1 second, increased to 200% on minions and monsters (Capped at 1000). Enemies caught in the outer circle are knocked up for 0.25 seconds and dealt 50% of the damage. If an enemy who used CC on Galios target when Galio used Hero's Entrance within 5 seconds is caught in either blast radius, they are also slowed by 25% for 1 second after the knockup duration. > ---- Trying to push Galio as an actual anti-mage while still adhering to his thematic. I would have liked him to have been a true Gargoyle champion and have something to do with turrets or support protection and tank alongside his anti-magic, however as it stands, I don't want to suggest anything completely different since his rework has landed him in a place where he has his own solid playstyle. So for now, this is what I came up with. It's a bit on the strong side in my opinion, but if it first incentivizes people to build Magic Resist, then toning down the numbers later to match what people now understand to play him as should be a decent first step I think. As it stands, his **passive** is tweaked to reward engaging the opponent as well as feel like you are actually countering magic. The **Q** damage to champions has been reduced a bit, but to minions it is slightly higher to remedy the loss of a passive smash being up as often during passive play. The **W** is mainly the same, however the way it works with flash is changed. I do believe it's a good mid point between removing it and letting it be a high elo power play at all stages. The **E** has more damage as the game goes on while also synergizing the passive, and even some utility if you hit a wall, albeit with a drawback. **R** has inner and outer again as I feel it's actually a good thing to have. Inner circle is a hard punish, and something your own team can play around whereas outer is less of a punish but allows him to contribute. That other abilities scale a bit with his ult rank means he has a slight boost to dueling at 6 and beyond rather than needing to concede for a jungler or be an ult bot. It also means his pre-6 laning is mitigated a bit. The ult special bonus to CC is to make a Hero's Entrance actually feel like a Hero's Entrance and make him use the ability reactively rather than for a dive or proactively -- at least not without having a higher window of punish so you have to think about using it in higher elos. Unfortunately, him being able to solidly engage with a flash taunt, as well as have near global presence with R, will always make him a professional nightmare unless his laning is bad. To this end, the damage to squishies might have to be taken out, and damage changes to % health ratios rather than flat AP/MR increases while retaining good base damage and tankiness. Maybe even adding his tick damage healing back. An alternative idea I had was to make his passive work in a way that taking AP damage restored an x amount of mana, and once x amount of mana was restored from the passive, you can cast Colossal Smash. Hitting enemies with W would have the additional effect of making the passive heal hp as well (being very effective into tick damage mainly), lasting 2 seconds after the taunt, same as the shield and nodding to his previous shield. Hitting e would restore some mana s well, incentivizing the use of it aggressively to remain in lane or to punish a mage that he would be picked into. Anyway, tell me what you think.

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