Champion kit #31, old relic pistol (Juggernaut)

Hello you people, I'm FúrinKazan and, although a level 10 account, I'm actually close to 400 in the BR server. I recently tried to reach out to Riot about my projects for League of Legends, but unfortunately they only deal with graduated people. Anyway, the projects I made for the game have no use anymore so I decided to publish them all. They are champion kits, counting up to 120 with unique abilities, defined classes, gameplay and numbers for those who like. The idea is to publish one champion per day until April. I also have some champion updades and they might show up sometimes. I see a lot of good and creative kit concepts and reworks everywhere on the internet. However, if its gameplay is not coherent, it's not a champion. If numbers are not right, it won't work. Riot abandons a lot of cool fantasies because they end up failing at executon, so I bring you the abilities instead, for people to imagine a theme as they want. Here we go (leave a comment and take a look at my older posts!): * Sadayū Suzuki (names are merely for inspiration and representation) * **Juggernaut core traits:** over-the-top durability, conditional absurd power, no mobility, short-ranged combat ___________________________________________________________________________ **Passive:** Sadayū gains stacks upon moving. Each stack grants him bonus **Movement Speed** up to a maximum of **100** stacks. Taking **crowd control** or basic attacking causes Sadayū to lose stacks. With **100** stacks, Sadayū's next basic attack has **525** range and consumes all stacks. **-Maximum additional Movement Speed: 15/30/45/60** **Relic of a not-so-new world:** Sadayū makes use of his pistol that, despite being extremely powerful, shoots only once at a time and cannot critically strike. For that reason, Sadayū must recharge his weapon for **0.75** second after every basic attack. Consequently, Sadayū's basic attacks are full of special effects. Each basic attack: -Deals **130/160/190/220% AD** as **Physical Damage**; -**Slows** its target for **45/60/75/90%** that decays over **0.5** second; -Shreds **13/17/21/25%** of its target current **Armor** for **3.5** seconds (stacks indefinitely); -Also deals damage to enemies very close to the original one and -Heals Sadayū by **3/4/5/6%** of his **missing Health (+ 15% AD)** when hitting enemy champions. Additionaly, Sadayū has 250 base range. Values at levels **1/6/11/16**. ___________________________________________________________________________ **1st Skill:** Sadayū advances in a very short line. If he hits an enemy, he strikes it by rising his arm and then hits it again by bringing his arm down over the same enemy. Both strikes deal damage and the second one **stuns** the target for **0.75** second. After both strikes, Sadayū quickly basic attacks the enemy, **pushing** it **back** briefly. This basic attacks functions as normal, but also deals damage in a conical area behind the original target. Sadayū can be interrupted at any time during this ability's moves (they last around **0.7 - 1** second) **-Damage per strike: 20/30/40/50/60 (+ 60% AD) as Physical Damage -CD: 7/6.5/6/5.5/5 seconds** ___________________________________________________________________________ **2nd Skill:** Sadayū points his pistol down and shoots, exploding the ground around himself and dealing damage and **slowing** enemies hit for **1.5** seconds. With the explosion, Sadayū also projects himself up, becoming **untargetable** until he lands back on the ground after **1.5** seconds. While in the air, Sadayū can recharge his pistol. **-Damage: 80/120/160/200/240 (+ 80% AD) as Physical Damage -Slow: 40/45/50/55/60% -CD: 14 seconds** ___________________________________________________________________________ **3rd Skill:** Sadayū shoots a special projectile in a long and strait line. If it hits an enemy champion, the projectile will mark him for **5** seconds. As the leader of the Saika Renegades, Sadayū signals for his companions to attack the marked enemy champion for the duration. Every few seconds, a mercenary appears on a nearby terrain, readies himself for **1.25** seconds and then shoots at the marked enemy champion while the mark lasts. The shot deals damage and **slows**. Maximum of **2/3/4** mercenaries at levels **1/7/13**. There are two ways to prevent being shooted: -moving outside the range of a mercenary or -killing the mercenary with basic attacks (**2** for Ranged enemy champions, **1** for Melee). _''No one can escape the Saika Renegades''_ **-Damage: 4/5/6/7/8% of the enemy's Maximum Health (+ 80% AD) as Physical Damage -Slow: 15/20/25% (at levels 1/2/3 of the ability) for 0.5/0.75/1 second (at levels 1/4/5 of the ability) -CD: 16/15/14/13/12 seconds** ___________________________________________________________________________ **Ultimate:** After a brief channeling of **1.25** seconds during which Sadayū reduces his **Movement Speed** by **125** and cannot basic attack, he unlocks his weapon's full potential. For up to **7** seconds, Sadayū's pistol no longer needs recharging and gains additional **Attack Speed** and attack range (**525** total, annuls the **100**-stack **Passive** effect). The ability has a maximum number of shots. While there is disponible shots, Sadayū can move while he shoots the closest enemy champion (basic attacks with the same functionality they naturally have. Despite this, Sadayū cannot make use of any other ability. This ability can be recast to be cancelled. When the shots or the duration end, Sadayū's pistol enters in recharge for **3.75** seconds. **-Attack Speed increased by: 50/65/80% -Maximum number of shots: 3/5/7 -CD: 90/70/50 seconds** ___________________________________________________________________________ Melee, uses **Mana**

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