Champion Concept: Zaelyth, the traitorous slave-driver

This a character concept I came up with recently and I'd like feedback on my ideas or places you don't understand what I mean. Also, any numbers or percentages are purely my thoughts and will probably either make him OP or terrible, I just had to think of numbers to put in that I thought would sorta work. The feel for this character is an uncaring powerful magical entity, that will sacrifice everything to ensure victory. A sorta Mordekaiser look but far less tanky and clearly human. Zaelyth is sort of ranged but not very far. Far enough for it to be believable for a chain to be struck. basic attack – strikes the target with his chain. Zaelyth uses health to cast his abilities but his W ability can be turned on to use others too. p – drivers insight Zaelyth's recapture ability will not hit minions if there is an enemy champion within 1000 units. Hitting enemy champions with basic attacks and abilities builds up layers of bondage slowing down the opponent. At level 6, at 5 layers the enemy champion is bound, meaning they can't attack or use abilities, and their movement speed is reduced by 50%-86% (depending on level), for 3-5 seconds (depending on level). If the enemy is killed while bound they gain 'slave mark'. Stacks of bondage deplete one at a time every 10-15 seconds (depending on level). Q – Re-capture Zaelyth throws a chain in a direction, if it hits an enemy (without slave mark), they take damage and are rooted for 1 second before Zaelyth swings them 180° (radius depends on how far away the 2 champions are), if they hit a wall they are stunned for 1 second and take extra damage. If it hits an enemy with slave mark, they take increased damage and are rooted for 3 seconds before Zaelyth swings them. If in this time Zaelyth recasts the ability they are drawn to 500 units from you and become your slave for (12,15,18 for level 6, 11, 16) seconds (slave mark is removed). If it hits an ally, they are not rooted but still have the chain attached to them, recasting the spell will make Zaelyth throw the ally over his head (radius dependent on distance between the champions), after 3 seconds if the spell is not recast the ally is pulled in to 500 units and become your slave, while an ally has control of them, their casting their q will free themselves (their actual q will not cast) If Zaelyth already has a slave, he roots them if they are an enemy for 2 seconds before swinging them 180° (radius depends on how far away the 2 champions are), damaging anything hit (and the slave if they are an enemy, dealing 25%,27%,29%,31%,35% if its an ally slave), if an enemy champion is not hit, Zaelyth swings the slave around an extra 360° faster and dealing more damage (stops on hitting enemy champion, stuns them if they do). Slaves can move within 500 units of their controller, they cannot be hit by attacks, enemy slaves are slowed and do not regenerate health, and their armour and magic resist are lowered when they are freed. Slaves can pull in the opposite direction to Zaelyth to slow him down by (20%,15%,9% for level 6, 11, 16) W – Thrive off the weak Without slave: Toggled on: uses health from units (enemies too) within 700 units to cast his abilities (20%,30%,40%,50%,60% of required health),(3%,4%,5%,6%,7%) of damage Zaelyth takes is dealt to surrounding units. Cannot cast abilities if there are no units nearby. Toggled off: bonus health regeneration. With slave: Toggled on: uses slave's health to cast abilities (20%,30%,40%,50%,60% of required health, cannot let slave drop below 25%,20%,25% health, levels 6,11,16), if slaves health is above Zaelyth's, Zaelyth leaches their health until they are equal. (20%,25%,30%,35%,40%) of damage Zaelyth takes is dealt to his slave (cannot kill) If slave is an ally, their W ability is changed to allow this. Toggled off: bonus health regeneration. E – Thriving swipe / Treacherous tactics Without slave (thriving swipe): Zaelyth's swipes the chain through the air in a short arc, dealing damage to all units (enemy and ally alike, but ally less) hit and healing him for a % of the damage. If no champion is hit, Zaelyth's next 3 basic attacks also are thriving swipe (unless one of them hits a champion. Upon hitting a champion (enemy and ally alike, Zaelyth's chain wraps around the champion and he goes into state where he cannot move or attack, the champion he is chained too cannot attack him. He steals a percentage of there health each second and only stops when they escape 1200 units of Zaelyth. With slave (treacherous tactics): If used on the slave, Zaelyth possesses the slave (therefore freeing them), and his stats are added onto the possessed. Zaelyth gains all their abilities except their ultimate, which if cast will make Zaelyth leave the target. Enemies slaves are only possessed for (15,17,19,21,25) seconds, and appear to be on the enemy team until they attack or are attacked (since they seam to be on the enemy team, they cannot be basic attacked by them but can still be hit by enemy abilities) they then show to be on the ally team. Ally slaves can unpossess at any time by casting their ultimate (their actual ultimate doesn't cast) and there is no time limit for how long Zaelyth can posses allies. Enemies cannot see that Zaelyth is possessing someone but allies can. If the possessed dies while Zaelyth is possessing them, Zaelyth dies too. If used on ally, slave is transferred to them, the new controllers Q ability will free them and the slaves attack and magic penetration is added back onto the new drivers. If used on an enemy, slave is transferred to them and Zaelyth becomes part of the enemy team until he attacks (enemy abilities will not hit). Enemy slave owner cannot release an ally slave in turret range and slave can escape using Q ability after (9,7,5) seconds. While on the enemy team, if Zaelyth uses recapture on an enemy, they will become his slave even without slave mark. R – Slaves Quarters Zaelyth selects a target and grabs them with his chain becoming untargetable. He pulls them to him then rushes to the wall and creates a small cave in it. He pushes the target in and seals it shut making them unreachable so unattackable and cannot cast abilities, spells, use items etc, and invisible (if with a slave, just rush them in the cell). They remain there for (40%,50%,60%) of their respawn time. Allies see where this prison is, enemies do not. Allies trapped in there can instantly recall home or open the cell with their Q (their normal Q does not cast) and gain heightened regeneration while in there (ally non-slaves more then ally slaves). Allies do not have to get out when the time is up. Enemies trapped in there cannot recall or ping. Non-Slave enemies gain slave mark and do not regenerate, enemy slaves take damage overtime (can kill), and have lower armour and magic resist when they come out. Enemies are forced out at the end of the time limit. Zaelyth can use 'Recapture' to force the occupant out. Zaelyth can cast this on himself to escape into the cave and seal himself off, gaining even more regeneration then non-slave allies and is able to purchase items. If Zaelyth is the one in the cell, one ally that had previously been his slave can click on where the cell is to teleport there to allow for an ambush. So yeah thats it, you survived my 1224 word character concept! Please give feedback about what you think because I love coming up with concepts for games I love and this is my first one in LoL. Hope you enjoyed!
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