Rubick & SolenneXZ Streaming ADC Mordekaiser in Diamond1!

Hi everyone! i'm writing this thread to share to everyone a show of adc mordekaiser in high elo ADC Mordekaiser is really underplayed, and i hope to make it a bit popular especially in the adc mains departement. At first i supported Malicious Metal with it months ago and it didn't end up well, after meeting My Final Hour who's a vayne main in master tier, i saw that he manages to do quite well with adc morde in high elo which made me playing it again Anyway let's begin the presentation: i don't think i need to present myself, i did it a lot of times and most people here know me as i post a lot on gameplay and m/g Now Solenne, League player since beta, she quickly reached high elo and peaked at challenger in season 3 on EU East server started to play Esport around season 5 as a toplane main, since then she switched to botlane (like me previously and any sane toplane main) and started to play support. **About the stream** like i said, it's going to be ADC Morde stream on solo queue and flex queue we're currently on 73% win rate over ~~106 mordekaiser games !!! and we want to prove to the world that it can work even in high elo (Van Darkholme already did that but shhh) we're close to master tier, which is what we aim, but if we can climb further it would only be better we're not responsible for any self destruction cused by listening to our frenchich english language stream will be on after 2 weeks, as this week i'm leaving for holiday, and solenne is leaving the week after that one (great timing indeed) stream link: i will answer to questions if it's needed -Rubick
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