Very unique new champion: The Hangman

My new champion idea. Let me introduce...The Hangman. Mid-range champion. Auto attacks with a lever action repeater. 500 range. Passive: Executioners Rage. Taking damage stacks Executioners Rage. At 4 stacks, counter attacks with his six-gun. This attack cannot be blocked (not even with windwall) and has a range of 650; damage based on current level. Counter attacked opponents are Marked for Death, and take extra damage from next incoming attack. Q: Throwing Knife Throws a hunting knife that does physical damage and causes bleeding for 3 seconds. Bleed does not stack. W: Eyes of Death Fears a single target. The Hangmans' eyes burn the soul of the target, causing true damage based on Body Count stacks. E: Bullwhip Unleashes a whip lash, slowing a target champion. R: Body Count The Hangman lasso's the enemy's soul, absorbing it and causing damage. Once a soul is taken, another soul may be taken within a short time. After a delay, champions with no soul get rooted, and their health permanently lowered by a small amount. This health can never be recovered. If the target is Marked for Death they are burned for a percentage of their max health. Bleeding targets take double damage from bleed. If a targets soul has been taken, they are nearsighted, but have true sight of The Hangman. Enemies killed stack Body Count. I really feel this champion fits in the rift well, brings a new aspect to the game without truly changing it, and allows for new tactics and play-styles to be utilized. Let's get this champ on the Rift, any help in doing so will be greatly appreciated. Copyright © 2020 Travis Sanchez
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