The Mischievous Adventures part 371

(Meanwhile) {{champion:122}}: *Walks in* {{champion:119}}: "Oh Hey Darius." {{champion:122}}: "Hey...What are you three doing?" {{champion:91}}: "Well...we've been thinking about your donation." {{champion:122}}: "And?" {{champion:55}}: "And...we're sorry, about everything." {{champion:122}}: "....." {{champion:119}}: "H-Hey we'll be better ok? We'll be more responsible." {{champion:122}}: "....." {{champion:91}}: "We'll try to get along and stop arguing." {{champion:122}}: "....." {{champion:55}}: "We'll get icecream!....Please just say something." {{champion:122}}: "Hahaha, guess you guys can't handle the silent treatment. Don't worry, I'm not mad at you all and wouldn't mind some changes." {{champion:55}}: "Oh thank goodness." {{champion:122}}: "But I wouldn't mind to get some icecream." {{champion:91}}: "You greedy little...haha, fine. Let's get some icecream together."
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