Little Devil Teemo Fanart (SPEEDPAINT)

(SPEEDPAINT) Little Devil Teemo
MUSIC USED: flight over bat country by jackal queenston incubus by jackal queenston sinisterrrrrrr by renard ride by sonitus vir it's on deviantart here:
[**it's on deviantart!**]( [**it's also on tumblr!**]( i spent nearly 8 hours on this fanart...worth it, cause teemo is one of my favorite champs. i'm not very experienced at digital painting with the techniques i used, and at the time of making this i didn't have any super clear reference images so there may be a few inaccuracies. anyways! it's been my dream to have my art featured somewhere where people could see it, like REALLY see it, and i'm excited at the possibility of it being featured in the spotlight?? idk, after graduating highschool i basically have no hope of doing anything besides making art (and dreaming of getting to gold one day) and if i ever want to make it, i need to be seen. was that weird to type? is this getting to personal and too real? maybe. but what i'm saying is you can expect more league related art from me, because i've been meaning to make more league fanart and i also need to make more art in general......i'm gonna be doing a lot of pokemon related stuff too. UHH I'M NOT GOOD AT THIS UMMMM THANK YOU FOR WATCHING AND LOOKING AT THE PIC and i hope u like it
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