[Champion Concept] Bha-Ba, the Sleeping Vagabond

Hi everyone Jellycake Demon here with another Champion Concept. This one Concept is from a very old concept that I came up with at least 2yrs ago, I never really posted it because the Kit was everywhere & didn't really feel the way I wanted Bha-Ba to be. So every now & then I went back to Bha-Ba & I literally changed his kit 3 times but they never really fit what I wanted him to be...But at last I think I finally came up with a good Ability Kit for Bha-Ba. Please leave a Comment down bellow to show what you think of Bha-Ba & be free to write down any questions or you see a few things that might need a tweak. As far as Bha-Ba's LORE is concerned: Bha-Ba is a traveler that wonders Runeterra that help people who have trouble sleeping. Now most people thought that it was something anyone can do, but Bha-Ba helps people who are plagued by horrific nightmares, thous cursed to never be able to sleep or wake up. By enter the Realm of Dreams & curing the source of the persons curse or nightmares Bha-Ba was eventually known all across Valoran, if a situation is so dire people actually attempt of searching for Bha-Ba to ask for his help. In a few of his healing treatments Bha-Ba has come across Nocturne who was the root of the nightmares plaguing his patient. Primary: Support. Secondary: Fighter. Additional Roles: Player Choice. **Statistics:** Attack Power: 3. Defense Power: 6. Ability Power: 6. Difficulty: 9. Health: 496(+30). Health Regen.: 2.0(+0.38) Mana: 385(+29). Mana Regen.: 1.9(+0.37) Range: 125(Melee). Attack Damage: 36(+2.8) Armor: 15(+2.1). Magic Res.: 30(+0) Attack Speed: 0.630(+2.2%). Move. Speed: 342. Friends: . Enemies: {{champion:56}}. **Appearance:** (Bodily Design) . Bha-Ba is a 5'ft tall "hefty" satyr like creature with a white woolly collar & a small ram like head with curved horns. Bha-Ba has a little tuff of fur on his chin like a beard, on both of his ears are 2 little copper rings & his feat has 3 thick cloven hoof toes (Clothing & Special Features) . Bha-Ba wears a very bulky short-cut light brown jacket & a brown vest underneath, he also wears a very loose pair of pants that has a red-fabric sash wrapped around the waist. Bha-Ba also has small pouch on his left pants leg that holds some trinkets. (Equipment) . Bha-Ba has 2 bells that are tied around his waist on the right side & a small bag on the left, he also has a long pillow that is strapped to his back. **Summoner Spells:** {{summoner:4}} & {{summoner:3}}. **Item Builds:** **Starting Items:** {{item:3340}}/{{item:2003}}/{{item:3301}}. **Essential Items:** {{item:3069}}/{{item:3158}}/{{item:3116}}. **Offensive Items:** {{item:3027}}/{{item:3001}}/{{item:3135}}/{{item:3100}}. **Defensive Items:** {{item:3800}}/{{item:3065}}/{{item:3050}}/{{item:3157}}. _**Passive: the Stroke of Twelve.**_ Every 12 seconds the bell tied to Bha-Ba’s belt will ring covering a 170-radius, when the bell rings it will Heal both Bha-Ba & any surrounding allied Champions by 3%(+0.5% per Lv.) of their Missing HP. When Bha-Ba activates an Ability another bell will ring that Cleanse any Crowed Control & De-Buffs from Bha-Ba & any surrounding allied Champions, but after activating the Cleanse the Cleanse will go on a 20 second Cool Down. _**Q-Ability: Well Rested/Sleep Deprived.**_ Range: 500. Cool Down: 19/17/15/13/11. Cost: 50/60/70/80/90. Magic Damage: 65/85/105/125/145(+40% bonus AP). **Activation:** after Bha-Ba has chosen a 195-radius location within this Abilities Casting Range then upon its activation Bha-Ba will toss out a second bell at the center of the targeted area, when this bell lands it will emit a strange sound that will affect both ally & enemy Champions that are within its radius. Ally Champions affected by this bell will gain a 15% Attack & Movement Speed boost & have 10% Tenacity, enemy Champions affected by the bell will be dealt Magic Damage & will have a 15% Attack & Movement Speed Slow for 2.5 seconds. _**W-Ability: Dream Walker.**_ Range: 400. Cool Down: 18/17/16/15/14. Cost: 100. Magic Damage: 25/45/65/85/105(+30% bonus AP)(+30% bonus AD). **Activation:** after Bha-Ba has chosen either himself or an ally Champion within this Abilities Casting Range then upon its activation Bha-Ba will pull out the chosen Champions dream as a Clone, this Clone will have 10% of its chosen Champions Max HP as well has the original Champions current Attack & Movement Speed. When the chosen Champion uses an Auto-Attack the Clone will Auto-Attack the same target but it will deal Magic Damage instead, any damage the original Champion would take from enemy Champions Auto-Attacks & Abilities the Clone will take the damage instead. The Clone will remain active until its own HP hits 0, until its duration has ended this Ability will not go on Cool Down. _**E-Ability: Drowsing Tone.**_ Range: 400. Cool Down: 20/18/16/14/12. Cost: 60/70/80/90/100. **Activation:** after Bha-Ba has chosen 90-degree cone with this Ability then upon its activation Bha-Ba will release a deep tone yawn that mesmerizes his enemies, after the initial activation any enemy in the cone will be applied with a De-Buff that will Stun an affected Champion for 1.25 seconds after a 1 second Delay. While an enemy Champion is Stunned they will take 10% increased damage from all sources. If an enemy Champion is affected by _**Sleep Deprived**_ then is affected by this Ability then that enemy Champion will instantly be Stunned & will be dealt 50/70/90/110/130(+40% bonus AP) Magic Damage. _**R-Ability: Into the Dream.**_ Range: Self-Cast. Cool Down: 220/200/180. Cost: 130. Heal: 120/180/240(+40% bonus AP). **Activation:** after Bha-Ba has this Ability he will open a small portal above his head that leads to his own dreamworld, for the next 5 seconds Bha-Ba's allies can Right-Click on the portal to be sucked into the dream. While in the dream they are Un-Tergetable, allied Champions can stay in the dream for the full 5 second duration or they can Right-Click on the portal again to exit the dream or simply wait till the duration of the Ability ends. For each ally in the dream Bha-Ba gains 10% bonus Movement Speed & allow all of his Abilities to deal 5% increased damage, when an ally leaves Bha-Ba's dream they will be Healed.
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