Sugar Rush Zilean... a bad joke.

We waited 5 years for a new zilean skin and we are getting the new Sugar Rush Zil skin... Why? Its so bad. There are SO MANY more ideas that are way better and the best thing riot can come up with is Sugar Rush? Like WTF happened? A Harrowing skin or a galactic skin, or Angelic or Demonic skin could have been frigging epic but instead we get a skin where the best thing about it is he bakes some gingerbread men as a recall. With the exception of his bomb and his auto's putting cookie effects on the enemy its just a re-color for the abilities. I LOVE Zil. I was so excited when they said he will be getting a new skin and this, I feel like this is riot trolling people who enjoy zil. IDK guys what do yall think? I think its absolutely awful but im just 1 person. Whats your opinions? {{champion:26}}
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