@Skins Team: Will you ever go over old skins again?

Simple question really. Will the skins team ever go back over older skins to bring them back in line with the skin pricing outline you've set up? There's a fair few skins that probably need to either be gone over again, or at least lowered in price to put them in line with the outline you've made. Are projects like these being saved for visual updates of champions? Or simply not going to happen at all? Because they're older skins will they merely be left by the wayside? Are you already working on stuff like this? I'm honestly really curious. As examples of what I'm talking about. **Pentakill Sona** This is a 975 RP skin, which, according to the price outline you've set, "975 RP skins feature a new model, textures and splash image; some skins in this tier will feature new animations, visual effects and sounds where appropriate for the theme of the skin." This skin does in fact have an altered model, texture, and splash art. However it has no new animations, visual effects, or sounds, despite her bases being EXTREMELY unfitting for the skin. This is supposed to be a heavy metal skin, the dark power of heavy metal should be flowing from Sona's fingertips! Instead she's just kinda... playing her etwhal still, just casual harp sounds with shiny nice pretty particles that don't fit her dark theme AT ALL. **Gentleman Cho'gath** This is a 1820 RP skin, which, according to the price outline you've set, "A legendary skin completely changes the look and feel of a champion. These skins feature a new model, textures and splash image as well as completely new animations, visuals, voice over and sounds." This skin does have a new model, texture, splash art, and sounds, however it has no new animations, no new visual effects for abilities, and no new sound effects for them unless you count the new voice over, and overall doesn't change the look and feel of the champion anywhere CLOSE to what other legendary skins do. There's tons of opportunity here as well! Could have his Rupture pop up with a bunch of walking canes instead of spikes, have his Vorpal Spines throw canes, wine glasses, etc. and he could have animations where he tips his hat, or waves his cane around, or takes a sip from his wine glass, or a puff on his pipe. There's so much that could be done, but since nothing is done, it just feels lacking, ESPECIALLY compared to the other 1820 RP skin he has, Battlecast Cho'gath. These are just the two examples I most want to see looked back over, there's plenty of others that really need to be looked over, and I'd like to know if this will EVER happen, or if it's just the fevered dream of a madman who likes top hats and heavy metal.
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