Would anyone like someone to write a lore for their Champion Concept? [Examples Included]

**Hi there guys!!!** I have lately been enjoying writing lores for several of my own champion concepts, and I know there are lots out there who do not like writing lores for theirs. If you would like some help writing one or want one written up for you, I wouldn't mind helping out! Just an offer if you like, but I'll post some lores I have recently written for my concepts so you can see how I like doing it: **First Lore: Maverick.** The story of how a doctor turned into a gun for hire, all thanks to the world falling to pieces. **Second Lore: Prairie.** Travellers heard a rumour about a wildling wandering the woods. Apparently the barkeeper at the tavern knows a fair bit about this 'Lost Girl'. **Third Lore: Jaine.** Dragons once existed all over the world; fearsome creatures to behold! Only a few know where they still reside today, and that is a secret they guard closely. *** **First Lore: Maverick - The Wandering Mercenary** *"The nature of war is always changing. Battle which were once fought with swords and bows, shields and horses, are now being fought with gunpowder and magic. It is destined to change, and those who do not change with it will be left behind or dead. I saw this impending change and decided to do what few ever choose to do: I chose to precede it."* *"I wasn't always the gun for hire I am now. I was a doctor; traveled all over Runeterra to wherever I was needed. The plague that threatened the undercity of Zaun - Yeah, I was there for that. The children, the elderly, even the healthy inbetween; it didnt matter. It was ruthless in its destruction, and there was very few anyone could do there, myself included. I had always thought a war was defined by two armies clashing on an open battlefield, but what I saw that day showed me that there are some wars that are more devastating and unwinnable than any army. The plague died out, but not before the years had taken its toll and countless inhabitants with it."* *"During my time in Zaun, I had discovered an interesting drug that allowed the user to regain full motor function under the effects of the plague. It was inspiring to see those bedridden and immobile come alive again. It wasn't a cure; the infected still suffered from fevers and delirium. However, the applications of this new medicine had interested me - but I wasn't the only one. A man came to me in my clinic, wrapped head to toe in a dark cloak. It was hard to really say what drew me to the man except that he was one of the only healthy ones still around Zaun. I greeted the man, and we talked: About Zaun, about the plague. Then about the war."* *The man, Rasen, had heard I was helping the infected in Zaun from locals, and hunted me down to help his people. He wanted me and my miracle medicine to travel to the Demacian lines and help the fight. He left immediately after, leaving me a piece of paper and a confused mind. It was true that I could not do anything more for the Zaunites who resided here, but to leave them was equally as troubling. Looking at the piece of paper, all I found was a name and a location for the Demacian encampment stationed close to Piltover. The next day, despite my doubt, I left Zaun to travel to this new place."* *"It took me over three weeks to reach the Demacian lines. Between trying to sneak out of Zaun and avoiding patrols wandering the roads, it took a longer time than expected to arrive. I handed the piece of paper to one of the guards who took me to the man who met with me in Zaun. Rasen did not seem like much of a man when I first met him, but here he stood: donning his cloak for full plate armour and seeming to host an aura of authority that demanded respect. He greeted me, told me what was needed: That the fight was changing, and they needed help if they were going to keep this place alive. There was something charismatic about the man, something that made me immediately say yes before I had thought it through."* *"Three years had passed before the war finally ended. I never expected to become a soldier and a medic, but here I am. The serum I had developed back in Zaun worked effectively on the soldiers, and I even found a way to reverse the effects for offensive use. Since it was over, I haven't known what to do with myself. There's not many places that need medics in peace-time, not anymore. I did hear that there was a place still practicing the art of war - some league or something. Perhaps I'll go there and see if my expertise can be hired, cause as they say: Those who don't change get left behind."* *** **Second Lore: Prairie - The Lost Child** *"It's been a long time since anyone has even thought about the lost girl, let alone ask about her. That's travelers for you though, hah! You sure came to the right place if you wanted to hear a story. Well I can tell you right now, that story you chose... Heh, that it ain't one for the faint-hearted, nor one for the spiritually-inclined. Girl is more gone than a chicken in a fox hole, but hey; it is just a story after all. It all began a time shortly before now..."* *"Before the peace-time, when them giant armies from all across Runeterra began marching on each other, people got scared. Real scared. Doesn't matter whose side you were on, they just pillaged every village from here to the cursed Shadow Isles. Most got out ahead of time, saving their lives and those of their families, but there was always them poor souls who stayed behind to stand and die alongside the dogs and the dirt. Idiots if you ask me; its only hay and sticks, nothing worth dying over. Anyhow, thats how the girl came to be."* *"See, that girl, her Ma and her Pa we all on the run from the same thing as everyone else. Luckily they had the smarts to get out while the going was good. Little did they know however, them men who torched their village were a special kind of evil. Hunters, trackers, poachers; muderers, the lot. Chief among them scum just happened to be a lad called the Bloodhound. He was a right kind of nasty that one, a mercenary that loved to hunt whatever liked running - it was only a bonus if he got paid for it. That family from the prairie never knew what they were up against, no way no how."* *"It only took them trackers three days to finally catch up with that family. See though, that old man of the girls was a sharp old fool though; he led them trackers through the Blackthorn forest. A nasty sort of place, not the type someone would willingly wander into without a sharp sword and an iron gut, hah! Yet in they went, and the trackers with them. No-one really knows what happened after that family and them trackers went into ol' Blackthorn, only guesses and rumours. All anyone knows is that when them mercs came out, they were carrying two bodies; prizes of the hunt. Curiously none of them big enough to be the girl."* *"Once the peace was made between them big armies did the regular folk finally go home. Many who lived near the Blackthorn say they saw a girl running through the trees, wild as a damned sabertooth if you believe such things. You ask me - that girl from the prairie is long gone. Ol' Blackthorn forest aint so forgiving as everyone makes it out to be; plenty a seasoned hunter has lost his way in them woods to never return again. That girl is long gone, my friend, if she ever existed to begin with! Still, makes you wonder don't it. If she really does exist, what sort of creature would that girl have become... Hah! Now I'm becoming the superstitious one, aren't I?"* *** **Third Lore: Jaine - Will of the Ancients** *In a time well before the domination on man, the world was full of magic and chaos. All creatures alike struggled to survive in a world that only wanted them dead. It was a time where survival hanged on the balance between the inhabitants of the world and the raw destructive force of the Dragons. Their power was insurmountable beyond imagining, and their will as indomitable as the scales that coated their entire being. They were truly the hunters of the world; beings to be respected and feared equally.* *The dawn of man came at the cost of the greatest war the world had ever seen and forgotten. It went on for decades: the dragons bringing destruction wherever they went and humans resisting through sheer force of numbers and will. Despite the terror of their essence, the dragons began to fall and a new breed of heroes took their place in the world: Dragonslayers. Never before had the world seen men like these, and as the dragons began to fall - the race of man took its throne on the world.* *Although the history of the wars that took place centuries ago has been lost to the sands and dusts of time, the art of dragonslaying remained even to this day. The dragons - a shadow of their former selves - went into hiding, fearing and respecting humans just has they had been feared and respected themselves. However, not all humans believed that dragons should be hunted and shunned like the days of old. These men and women, as small as they were, dedicated themselves to the defence and secrecy of the last dragons alive.* *Lumira was one such dragon who was protected by such people. It was an uneasy alliance that these few humans and dragons had, but they both understood it was necessary. Jaine had spent most of her life guarding Lumira, and never lost her faith that one day humans and dragons could live alongside each other once more. That faith, carried for generations in her family, inspired Lumira to protect them in kind when the dragonslayers came. Jaine and twelve other guardians stood their ground against over twenty dragonslayers, fighting to protect the ancient beings they had dedicated their lives to.* *Although Lumira killed many of the men herself, none of the keepers were spared in their defence. In an act of final resolve, Lumira used her primordial magic to revive the fallen guardians; healing their wounds and bringing to life the dead. By the time Jaine has roused to consciousness, Lumira was already dead. All the keepers knew of the power of dragons and its potential for both destruction and resurrection, but only at the cost to the dragons own spirit. The keepers cremated Lumira, sending her ashes to the skies the dragons had once dominated in their own age.* *The guardians, now with no focus or direction, dispersed to find their own ways. Jaine, desperate and defeated, began to wander without focus. Little did she know that the months that followed her resurrection had changed her: The magic that once only a dragon had possessed had passed on to the remaining survivors. Jaine, changed by Lumira, sensed a power growing in the heart of Runeterra. The power was vast, rivaling that of an ancient dragon of old. Setting off towards the source of the magic, and unknowingly the Institute of War, Jaine vowed to find the one with a dragons blood and to protect them - this time, with her life.* *** **If you want more examples of work I have done, feel free to ask for more below and I'll happily find or create more! If you guys want more information on these champions, feel free to access them through the links below:** **Maverick:** http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/qpMWzEEy-champion-concept-maverick-the-wandering-mercenary-supportmarksman-concept-w-abilities-lore **Prairie:** http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/6R2tKuPb-champion-concept-prairie-the-lost-child-tankfighter-concept-w-abilities-lore **Jaine:** http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/p8Hm5kNP-champion-concept-jaine-will-of-the-ancients-supportmage-concept-w-abilities-lore
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