Skins for the "BROS" of the league

Let me just start this one off saying i love Brolaf, but zero work in updating it to be on par with other LoL legendary skins. We need the BRO patch that adds in new Bro skins like Bro'Gath or Brogas. And also having it update our only real bro skin Brolaf. Or or or or just make the skin cheaper. The Bro squad wants an update on this skin, and Riot _HAS_ to do it. All i ask is to make more bro skins and updating the current one. #UPDATEBROLAF and #MOREBROSFORTHELOLS. Thank You and good night, Tman3000 Ps. make Brogas (gragas){{champion:79}} Brolaf: I need you rito i need so so bad help me plz{{item:3070}} {{champion:2}} Broum (Tamur idea) should be made 100% possible such a good idea. The team so far Brolaf, Guyce, Dudyr, manthoen and of horse gentleman Bruam Ok guys you have shown me that they should all **NOT** start with bro ALSO Find some concept art please I suck at drawing thanks guys
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