Okay, girls want an ezreal skin that is made for chicks. No, we don't mean another star guardian one. Though I appreciate the ezreal skins right now, none are really marketed towards girls. riot should definitely release one marketed towards girls (ppl who appreciate ezreal want a pretty boy skin, but not one girly aka sg ezreal). they need to make something attractive to girls. idk, I'm not gonna be picky as long as it isn't sg ezreal and is a bit more ::)))) than the other current options. btw is it just me or does sg ezreal look like he has a stick up his butt. the art for it was decent(I was even pretty excited), but in game it was just no. my excitement was crushed and I was turned off x1000000 k that's all, we want dat ezreal skin {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}} {{champion:81}}
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