Dear Riot, It's Time For A REAL Taliyah Skin

With all due respect, SSG Taliyah is such a cute skin, but it's not a REAL skin. If Crown didn't pick Taliyah to get the skin we would've been stuck with her release skin. I believe she deserves a skin that's designed specifically for her no a championship/team skin. These are few concepts I am OBSESSED with. Taliyah to me represents elegance and youthfulness. Pool Party Taliyah would've been the perfect summer skin for her with a surfboard and rides a wave! She would be the perfect addition for that skin line. Order of the Lotus Taliyah represent who she is as a champion. Very youthful, but yet wise. Especially that the skin line has only 2 champs (irelia and karma) it would be nice to see other ionian champs or champs who lived in ionia for a while. *Hint Taliyah trained with Yasuo in Ionia* If you want a really flashy skin why not do Emerald Taliyah or any other gem stone Taliyah? It fits her theme as a rock bender, but also it would make other skins such as Emerald Taric and Amethyst Ashe belong to a gem like skin line? That way you can launch a whole new skin line with each champ has a specific gem. Lastly, what about Elderwood Taliyah this skin could make Taliyah pretty edgy and has a different look other than cute and girly? And please make sure the next Taliyah skin gets a chroma. She deserves that. Especially with how popular she has gotten this past summer.
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