The Mischievous Adventures part 337

(The next day) {{champion:203}}: "Mmmm." {{champion:203}}: "You ok Lamb? You've been groaning all day." {{champion:203}}: "Yeah I'm fine, just...mmmm." {{champion:203}}: "Ugh, well I'm going to sleep. Tell me when you're done doing...this." {{champion:203}}: "Ok Wolf....H-Huh!?" {{champion:203}}: "What now?" {{champion:203}}: "Wolf...I feel weird." {{champion:203}}: "Weird how? Another guy coming to join the party?" {{champion:203}}: "No it's not like that it's...Oh...Oh..." {{champion:203}}: "What?" {{champion:203}}: "Wolf...I'm bleeding." {{champion:203}}: ".....Uh....Uh...Oh...Go...get Mom and Dad please. I'm, just go to sleep on this one." {{champion:203}}: "Ok, I think it's for the best that you do."

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