Shugo, the wild card

Role: Zoner, Mage, summoner Lane: Any Difficulty: high Reliance: abilities Damage type: mixed Utility: high Mobility: average - high Toughness: low Crowd control: average. [Passive]Trap cards: Shugo is able to set down magical cards occupying 200x400 units within 800 units of himself in order to use his abilities, all cards can be placed in 1 of 2 positions (horizontal or vertical ). Shugo is able to place up to three cards at once each lasting for 10 seconds and having different effects based on the position they are set in. Enemies that pass over these cards take 20/40/60% of Shugo's ability power and instantly destroy that card refunding 20% of its cooldown. Cards can also be set on top of each other in the opposite position to gain empowered effects when activated. [Strategy]: Shugo has no basic attacks but gains 20% bonus movement speed while he has cards on the field and directs all attack speed to his summons, instead Shugo is able to mark champions for his next ability. Allies can walk over cards to gain a 20/40/60% burst of movement speed decaying over 3 seconds and return the card to Shugo's hand. [Q] Summon guardian:[passive] Sets a guardian to attack enemy units within range of its location for 8 seconds. The different positions of cards will summon different guardians with unique effects. Recast: commands guardians to activate their special effects and to follow Shugo for their remaining duration. 10 sec cd per special. Beast: while in the vertical position Shugo summons a beast monster to automatically attack enemy units within 400 units of it. [Active]Special deal 50/70/90/110/130 (+ 40%ap) physical damage to all enemies in a 60degree cone within 400 units and returns 10/20/30/40/50% of this damage as life steal. Caster: while in the cross position summons a Mage monster to attack enemy units within 500 units range. [Active] Special: fires a 500x100 units beam of energy dealing 60/90/120/150/180 (+40%ap) to slow all units hit by 10/20/30/40/50%. Ranger: (horizintal)(critical damage/ attack speed) fires an arrow to mark the closest enemy champion within range then fires 5 arrows each dealing 20/40/60/80/100 (+40%ap) and gaining +10% increase in damage to a marked target over its duration, with each successful hit this guardian gains 150 bonus attack range and will critically strike on the last hit if the target is still within range. [W] Magical trap: [passive] Shugo sets a card to slow enemy units within 200 units around it by 25% for its duration or until an enemy champion walks over it. Recast flips the card knocking up any units in its zone and activates its special effects. Bomb: when in vertical position causes an explosion dealing 25/50/75/100/125 + 30%Ap to units in the area. Barrier: when in the cross position summons a barrier acting as an impassable wall to block all incoming projectiles and grants a shield for the damage it has negated lasts 3 seconds each. (Similar to yasuo wind wall) Hole: while in horizontal position becomes a hole in the set location to snare enemy units that fall in for 2.5 seconds taking 2/4/6/8/10% of Shugo's ap as magic damage for the duration. [E] Spell card: Sets a card to amplify the effects of an ally or previously set card. Passive this card can only be set in the vertical and horizontal positions and must be placed on top of another card. Vertical; enhances the strength of a guardian or magical trap increasing its damage by 5/10/15/20/25% (+20% Ap ). Horizontal : enhances the power of a guardian or magical trap increasing the strength of its effects by 5/10/15/20/25% and adds 20% Ap as over time damage for the remaining duration of already active cards. [R] High Arcana: [Passive] Shugo sacrifices 2 set cards to Summons a monster Deity to fight for 12 seconds each dealing 100/200/300 (+70/80/90% Ap/Ad). 240 second cooldown unaffected by cooldown reduction. Vertical: summons the Dragon Deity Adrammelech to breath light dealing magical damage to all units in a 200 unit wide line traveling globally. 10 sec cd Cross: summons the Astral Diety Ultima to target a 1000 unit area after 6 seconds dealing true damage to all enemy units within the location. Holds 1 charge. Horizontal: Summons the Warrior deity Zeromus to judge the guilty in a 800 unit area around him for 4 seconds and restore 50% of att damage dealt as life steal. 2 charges 3 second cooldown. --- After a while or rolling it around I finally decided to finish this. An idea I had and shared with Voidling on how one would go about creating a card/summoner concept (similar to yugiho/ digimon with some ff in the ending cuz why not (the ult ideas are just perfect for God cards).

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