Blood Moon Ekko & Master YI

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The {{champion:245}} Ekko Picture is not mine but I'm in the process of making a "blood moon {{champion:11}} Master Yi" concept art. The yi will have a blood moon mask and having his hear down for the first time in all the skins he has. I will reply with my final artwork of it!! BLOOD MOON MASTER Yi {{champion:11}} I!!!!!!!! make it a thing RIOT!! "Let us begin."{{champion:11}} The Blood Moon is an Ionian Festivity which master yi has a ionia skin, BECUASE HE WAS BORN THERE LIKE WHY WOULD HE NOT BECOME PART OF THE BLOOD MOON FESTIVE! I can go on and on about the lore behind how master yi can fit into the blood moon team, it fits so well, & again - "make it a thing RIOT!"
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