As a Zyra main, I'm pretty disappointed with her skin selection.

I feel like Zyra has some INCREDIBLE potential for some really amazing skins. I wasn't really blown away by Dragon Sorc Zyra -- it almost just seemed rushed/lackluster. Like they just hurried it and released it so us Zyra mains would have more than 3 skins. Don't even get me started on how dated and bad her old skins looks (haunted zyra and Wildfire Zyra ) I have been hoping for a while now that she'll get a skin she deserves. I've asked RIOT members on twitter about this and I usually get the same response, telling me that Zyra has a lot of work that has to go into her skin creations because of her plants....... but I don't think that should be a reason to not try. {{champion:143}}
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