Morgana overhaul

Since Riot has announced the new champion roadmap I want to give some ideas how some of Morgana´s abilities could be improved. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Tornment Soil (w): 1.) Far lower cooldown to allow casting several instances of Torment Soil at a time. However overlapping instances do not increase the damage output! It´s more like creating a river or lake like area of effect. Also if possible it should not look like Cassiopeias Miasma circles but more like a single cohesive liquid. An alternative way this could work: casting Tornment Soil starts as an initial point and grows in any direction over it´s duration (similar to Anivias Glacial Storm). If you cast a second, third, etc these points slowly try to connect eachother dynamically (growing faster in this direction) and creating an individual area of effect. edit: Since it might be a bit difficult to imagine how this would look like I took all my paint skills and created this masterpiece : 2.) Since you are essentially creating a swamp it should reduce movement speed over time. The longer the area is affected by her ability the stronger this slow becomes (essentially it softens the ground). Something like 5% per half a second (doubled against dashes). Beside logic reasons I think Morgana could need some more capabilities as a controle mage even if that means to take some power away from her Dark Binding. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I feel like auto attacks in lol lack in deversity. That´s why I was thinking about a way this could change. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Soul Siphon (passive): Morgana´s auto attacks do magical damage only (including a small ap scaling) and become empowered against enemies affected by her abilities. AD, crit and on-hit scalings have no effect. An empowered Autoattack is a drainlike visual effect with a .5 second tick rate, which converts a percentage of pre mitigation aa-damage into life and mana gain (mana only against champions and monsters). --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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