[Concept rework]Fiddlesticks,the cursed one.

Theme https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-heSRbvCErU by Sound Candle [**Lore**] Long years ago,in one Demacian farm was lived a hardworking farmer with the name Fidd.As a person he was 69 age old,he was very kind to him neighbors and especially he love children,because by him points of view the young generation is the future of Demacia.One day,which has become a dreadful news for Demacia,all farmers lose their fields of wheat,they all was destroyed and consumed by a mysterious monster.But this was only the beginning of problems,Demacia was in that situation were everyone suffered by hunger,at this point,Fidd didn't have any ways and decided to find the monster who consume all their fields of wheat,because everyone feared him.By legends,the monster who did it was a evil spirit what comes far away from Demacia,from that place were nobody come back,and now this spirit lives in one dark forest near the village were Fidd lives.After finding some informations about the spirit,he take his scythe and went into the dark forest.Inside,the forest was really dark,the trees was so high what it was impossible to see the blue sky,but Fidd continued to go ahead in search of the spirit.On Fidd's way,he find a abandoned house,the house was really old and dilapidated at the view,but something attracted the attention of Fidd,it was a small glowing turquoise ball what beckoned Fidd to come in.Fidd was not inclined to follow the glowing ball,but then he suddenly heard a howl of a unknown animal,and then Fidd did not have a any way,and he decided to came in the house.Has passed 5 minutes,the animal leave,Fidd sighed with relief,and then he started to explore the house,by sight the house looks like a hunter's house,because of different animals heads on the walls,Fidd came to the bedroom,he saw a small altar were someone did a ritual,on the center of altar was a homemade scarecrow of wheat,the scarecrow looking as a monster with long legs and arm,the mouth was littered with sharp broken knifes what looks like a teeth,he has two big eyes who gave the impression would this scarecrow watch everything.After contemplation of the terrifying "masterpiece",Fidd leave the bedroom.After that,Fidd noticed a strange trapdoor with a painted red **X** on them,Fidd opened the trapdoor,and saw a basement with another scarecrow what he find in the bedroom,but this one looked like more....**alive**? In that moment when he saw this scarecrow,Fidd was scared,he was panicked and when he started to go backwards,something was on him way,in this moment the Fidd's heart started to tremble with fear,and when he turned his head to what was behind him,he was so scared what he even screamed...it was the undead,the owner of this house,"**The dead Hunter**".The dead Hunter with a strong grip grabbed the Fidd's throat and framed his back to the nearest wall,then he spoke:"**I HaVe fUlFiLleD mY pUnIsHmEnT,nOw,iT's yOuR tUrN**",after these words The dead Hunter loosened his grip,and then he fall to the floor and started to decay,with the grip what he catch Fidd,he left an imprint of a strange rune on Fidd's throat.But that was not the end,these two scarecrows what Fidd saw came to the living room were is Fidd,and started to looking at him...Fidd was scare,and wanted run away,but for fear he could not do anything...The both scarecrows opened their mouths,from their mouth came two small glowing turquoise balls,then Fidd get it,it not just a glowing turquoise balls,it was the soul fragments of The dead Hunter.After that,both soul fragments came closer to Fidd,they save his fear,he was scared before everything he saw,but when they saw the rune of his throat,the sentence was decided,the soul fragments instantly went into the Fidd's mouth,Fidd tried to do something,but was too late,the soul fragments started to transform his body,flesh became as wheat,bones became as sticks,skin became as rags,the Fidd's life flew in his eyes,he felt pain,but he could not scream in pain,his body was exhausted and was ready to fall in the floor,but he couldn't do it,then all ends.............dark...darker.....more darker......darkness filled him soul,now he was not a human,he is a monster,monster who thinking what he could forget the past....but no....... Fidd open him eyes,he was exhausted and hungry....hungry for human soul...When he got up,he sniffed,he smelled a village near the dark forest,there was many souls to harvesting,what a wonderful feast,after these thoughts,Fidd cannot stop him emotional splash and screamed as a mad man,all the dark forest heard him scream,even the village heard it...then the house were was Fidd started to glow in turquoise light,but fast it removed on light green... The human who was Fidd is gone,there is now Fiddlesticks,the new terror of the village in Demacia what was near to the dark forest. "**_*AaaaaHaHaHAhaHaaaA!!!!*_** -Fiddlesticks,the cursed one. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Fiddlesticks Visual http://4.bp.blogspot.com/-cMpfkojD9CM/UtQLIRQ-jlI/AAAAAAAAAw0/7w1ocQ2Cfhc/s1600/Fiddlesticks_textured.jpg ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [**Statistics**] Health: 524.4 (+ 80) Health regen: 5.5 (+ 0.6) Mana: 500 (+ 28) Mana regen: 8 (+ 0.8) Range: 480 Attack damage: 48.36 (+ 2.625) Attack speed: 0.625 (+ 2.11%) Armor: 30 (+ 3.5) Magic resists: 30 (+ 0.5) Movement.Speed: 335 Role:Specialist. Class:Mage. Lane:jungle(mid?) Primary recourse:Mana. Damage:Magic. Range champion. [**Ratings**] Damage:3/3 Toughness:0/3 Utility:2/3 Mobility:1/3 Crowd control:1/3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [**Abilities**] [**Passive**]Unseen horror: Fiddlesticks have a terror radius,were every 7 seconds the enemy champion gets one (Maximum 3 _**Stacks of panic**_) _**Stack of panic**_.If the enemy champion have already two _**Stacks of panic**_,the next Fiddlesticks ability what will hit the enemy champion,will do bonus magical damage and scare him for 2.1 seconds. [passive]Imminent danger:Fiddlesticks gets bonus on movement speed to the enemy champion who has two or more _**Stacks of panic**_. Effect radius:1500 "**HeRe I cOmE tO fInD yOu,HuRrY uP aNd rUn.**" -Fiddlesticks [Q]Scythe lash: http://66.media.tumblr.com/8cd0f73a172bc578cfb14474f58494c4/tumblr_mnh11snIpc1s5nlk4o4_500.gif Fiddlesticks create a spectral scythe what deal magical damage.If the scythe hit's the enemy champion,he will come back to Fiddlesticks and reduce the cooldown of the ability for 1 sec. cost:70 / 75 / 80 / 85 / 90 mana. cooldown: 15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds. target range:750 "**Cut cut cut,cutting all the flesh mhahaha!**" -Fiddlesticks. [W]Soul harvesting: Fiddlesticks start to drain from the enemy champion him health,deal magical damage and heals himself. (If Fiddlesticks will move,the heal will be less but the enemy champion will be slowed). cost:80 / 90 / 100 / 110 / 120 mana. cooldown:4 / 3.75 / 3.5 / 3.25 / 3 seconds. target range:575 heal ratio:60 / 65 / 70 / 75 / 80% "**Sweet sweet..souullsss..**" -Fiddlesticks. [E]Jumpscare: Fiddlesticks make a jump and after that he scare in cone the enemy champion who was in front of him,and also gain a movement speed buff in four levels. cost:75 mana cooldown:15 / 14 / 13 / 12 / 11 seconds. target range: 575 movement speed buff: 25 / 30 / 35 / 40% triangle:50° "**Fear,such a sweet word.**" -Fiddlesticks. [R]Crow attack: https://thumbs.gfycat.com/UntidyChubbyBovine-size_restricted.gif Fiddlesticks after 4.5 seconds call the crows to fly forward and deal magical damage to enemy champions or minions. cost:100 mana cooldown:170/160/150 target range2000 "**Death came to everyone...EvEn tO a ChEaTeRs!**" -Fiddlesticks. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [**Interactions**] Champion select:"**The game beginssss,hEhEhEheee......**" Champion select:"**None can hide...**" Attacking the enemy champion/minion: 1]Do you feel,fear? 2]Sweet soul. 3]Trembling with fear 4]I can sense your horror. 5]Do you fear,death? 6]Reap out the flesh. 7]Feel the grasp of death. 8]Warm blood. 9]Did your heart is beating? 10]Skin...disgusting. Movement/to enemy champion: 1]I her your footsteps. 2]I'll never end my punishment...never. 3]I can hear your sharp breath. 4]You can't hide from me. 5]Leave the hope for salvation. 6]I can sense your horror. 7]I smell the taste of souls. 8]I'm coming. 9]Suffering never ends. 10]You are next. [**Interaction with champions**] Taunt to enemy champions: {{champion:86}}:You cannot protect everyone,Crownguard Garen. {{champion:86}};I'll start with your sweet sister first,then you. {{champion:3}}:You will not be near her always,and this will kill her. {{champion:3}}:She will be mine,mine,MINE!!!! {{champion:10}}:Your judgment ends here,by my scythe. {{champion:10}}:Let's see who you will be if i'll cut off your wings. {{champion:99}}:Shhhh,sweet soul. {{champion:99}}:I am sure,your soul will taste wonderful. {{champion:25}}:You was alone,you are alone,and at the end you will BE alone!!!! {{champion:25}}:The shadow can't have light. {{champion:56}}:Foolish demon,think you will win it? {{champion:56}}:They all are mine now,go away! {{champion:77}}:Heheheee,i know your fear,spirit walker. {{champion:77}}:Think you can protect her?he will be mine! {{champion:517}}:Your revolution,ends with the all peoples of Demacians! {{champion:517}}:By my opinion,the mages have more tasty souls. {{champion:16}}:The child of stars,how sweet. {{champion:16}}:You cannot protect them,you can't protect even yourself! Taunt to ally champions: {{champion:238}}:You have so much to learn. {{champion:203}}:"I",am death itself. {{champion:55}}:Be happy what we are allies,because i wanted to find him. {{champion:86}}:Be happy what we are allies,because she was on my menu. {{champion:518}}:Wanna i tell you something,before what you will lose all your colors? {{champion:19}}:I suppose she beg for mercy when you kill her. {{champion:163}}:"sniff" "sniff",the fear...you fear your power. {{champion:89}}:Turn off your sun!!! {{champion:223}}:Even the demons have fears,what did you fear my friend? {{champion:1}}:Wanna play hide and seek? {{champion:51}}:In true,this hat looks ugly on you. {{champion:119}}:Seems you didn't have good dentist. {{champion:420}}:As i see,you are loyal to your god,now tell me...Are the god is loyal to you? {{champion:268}}:Your people have dead already,thing you can arise them? [**Answer to enemy champion taunt**] {{champion:6}}:Give me a reason to fear you. {{champion:9}}:One guy say the same thing,and he payed for that with him soul! {{champion:32}}:Let me give you a hug. {{champion:9}}:Your parents threw you,live now with that. {{champion:39}}:Can you not hear the music? I shall enjoy watching you trip. {{champion:9}}:I guess your family beg for mercy when they have died by Noxians. {{champion:10}}:Surrender to the light and I will spare your soul! {{champion:9}}:Think i have soul? {{champion:10}}:"Ready to be judged?" {{champion:9}}:Ready to lose your soul? {{champion:25}}:I know how it is to fall,so will you. {{champion:9}}:Seems it's painful to fall from the heavens,it is? {{champion:517}}:Return to your master, like the lapdog you are! {{champion:9}}:I don't have chains to be a lapdog,look at yourself first. {{champion:517}}:Let me help you think for yourself. {{champion:9}}:Thin better what you will do when my scythe will be near to your neck. {{champion:86}}:Come forth, you will find honor in death. {{champion:9}}:Nobody will remember you when i'll cut off your life. {{champion:86}}:The glory of Demacia will never fade. {{champion:9}}:Who says it? {{champion:3}}:Hey, you. Don't mess with Demacia, I saw you thinking about it. {{champion:9}}:I know you are here Durand,i'll find you! {{champion:3}}:I'm sorry, I just woke up. Were we fighting? {{champion:9}}:Ehhhhhhhh-.....-. {{champion:99}}:We should try being friends first, no? {{champion:9}}:NEVER! {{champion:99}}:Hello, person-who-irrationally-wants-to-kill-me! It's so good to meet you! {{champion:9}}:Don't mind,i am not happy to see you. {{champion:56}}:Bring me more flesh bags to slice up! {{champion:9}}:You think i have any flesh? {{champion:56}}:Bring me more flesh bags to slice up! {{champion:9}}:HMMM,give me a sec,let me seen in my bag..hmmm..no don't have. {{champion:16}}:Do you always fight so poorly {{champion:9}}:Say again? {{champion:16}}:I will not save you. {{champion:9}}:Better save yourself from me.

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