Two amazing skin ideas, one for Tahm Kench and another for Veigar

Greetings, I was playing recently with a Tahm Kench on my team as well as a Veigar in this previous match. After watching them in game I came up with two ideas for skins that I believe to be great ideas. After asking the others in the match they also concurred that it would be amazing to see. The first skin for Tahm Kench would be "Surprise Birthday Party Kench" much like the Fiddlesticks variant of this skin. His tongue ability would be shooting one of those blow out wrapper things, and his ultimate would be a hollow cake would appear in the area of entry he and his teamate would hop in and it would come up on the ground as a cake with them bursting out of it upon the exit of his ult. The second idea for a skin would be Lolly Pop Veigar. He would have one of those giant circular lolly pops on a stick as his weapon, and he'd be wearing shorts and a polo shirt, his hat would be one of those hats with the rotating propeller things spinning around. These two ideas I believe would be amazing ones to see.
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