[Champion Concept] Arash - Caller of Misanthrope

http://mikemars.deviantart.com/art/castle-study-187255118 http://gerwell.deviantart.com/art/Sauron-373603448 >(This is a rework of a earlier Champion Concept of mine. I hope you like it.) ----------- #***Lore*** ***"The ground shatters for every moment your feelings are open to me - Don't be shy.. He.. He.. He.. He..***" **- Arash, Caller of Misanthrope** *"Love blinds even the smartest men, although it can not only blind, but also deceive you to the deepest core. One such victim of love was Arash. Long before he became the hollow soul of craziness, he was a General of a world-known and prosperous kingdom, which is now lost and forgotten. In his previous life, he was kind and loyal, and was depicted as a marksman with great skill and great pride. It seemed that he had everything, reputation, wealth and power – but had no one to share with. It was then when he fell in love with the princess of his kingdom, when he casually met her. * *What he thought was love ended up in madness when he murdered the king to take his place and marry the princess. The princess though hated him and whenever they were alone; she took the opportunity and tried to stab him as many times she could. He never laid a hand on her - furthermore he somehow loved her more for each attempt to murder him. It was then when Arash wanted to give her the ultimate gift. In a land far away there was a rare kind or ore that shines even in the darkest night. Although it was nothing really worth, Arash began a war for only that reason. Eventually he obtained the mines and could create the perfect ring for his dearest princess. A ring to strengthen their boundary and a metaphor for how their love will continue to live forever even in the darkest days. * *When Arash arrived with his gift, his princess commenced suicide. For all that she has done to him to hurt him and to show her hatred towards him, she eventually came to the conclusion that she has to die in order that Runeterra can be at peace. And she was right, because Arash followed her even to death – he jumped from the highest tower into the cliffs, where his body was never found.* *This is the story of the previous life of Arash, the Caller of Misanthrope. Now he continues his afterlife to murder all what carries feelings and especially love. He can feel one has such strong feelings, but he will never feel anything else than hatred and sorrow.”* ------- #***Appearance*** http://exomemory.deviantart.com/art/Amarant-concepts-473072474 Arash weapon is a giant ballista that he can carry and use as a stationary weapon. http://www.demigodthegame.com/images/regulus.png Stationary Ballista http://mikemars.deviantart.com/art/ballista-weapon-model-and-tex-204425822 (Please click on the picture if you want to be redirected to DeviantArt and its Creator) -------------------- #***Champion Explanation*** * *Arash is a long lost and forsaken soul who gave in for what he thought was love, but it was actually obsession. Arash is straight-forward, enthusiastic, smart and cold-hearted, merciless, cruel, has no empathy and hates the world and every inhabitant who feels those things what Arash is unable to feel now.* * *Arash was obsessed with the thoughts of marrying the princess. An obsession for someone that he could care for, but for one like Arash it was impossible to chose anyone. He wanted the princess because she would be the last thing Arash desired, as he had everything one can have and beyond, except the princess. * * *Arash is one of the few who was not originally a Shadow Isles inhabitant, but his corpse and soul did never rest and he was eternally bound to live an endless life as a creature of the dead.* * *Arash has dreams or pieces of memories that flash in from time to time. He does see a woman, probably the princess, who hated him and stabbed him with a dagger. He doesn’t remember much with the pieces of information because they don’t tell the full story, but he knows that he once loved the person, and for his grieve he wants to inflict the same pain on others than he feels, though there isn’t much he can feel.* * *There are many who believe that the princess who Arash loved once is Kalista. It could be possible, as Kalista is now the weapon of Vengeance, who does avenge the victims of the seven sins. Kalista, as old as she is and is full of memories and feelings of others, does not recognize Arash as someone she knew once, but a feeling claims her that Arash is for her the most evildoer and full of sins. Arash remembers Kalista’s beauty, he also remembers bits of pieces from the past, but he slowly becomes obsessed with her as time goes by.* * *Arash is a great Marksman and Geomancer who uses the power of earth and stone to take the opportunity and eliminate his targets. * * *Arash is best at bot, maybe also at top because he has great range and can play safe with his Crowd Control * -------------------- #***Stats*** Health 525 (+81) Attack damage 56 (+3.1) Health regen. 7 (+0.78) Attack speed 0.625 (+2.9%) Mana 225 (+44) Armor 22 (+3.0) Mana regen. 7 (+0.55) Magic res. 30 (+0.00) Range 550 (Ranged) Mov. speed 340 ------- #***Abilities*** ----- #***Innate Passive - 'Nihilistic':*** *Basic Abilities create a shield on Arash that absorbs **25/35/45/55/65/75/85/95/105/115/125/135/145/155/165/175/185(+20% Bonus AD)** damage for **2.5 seconds**. This passive can’t be triggered **twice** within **6 seconds**. The duration of the shield can be refreshed by further basic ability casts. * ------------------------ #***Q – ‘Earthbreak‘:*** *Arash dashes **450 range** to the location of the cursor. While dashing, he creates a small earthquake in the path beneath him and set enemy units near by **airborne for 0.7 seconds**, dealing **45/55/65/75/85(+20% Total AD) magic damage**. * *If Arash comes in contact with ‘**Walls of Despair**’ he immediately dashes to the other end of the wall, knocking up enemies and dealing damage on the way.* * **Info:** Arash can’t be stopped while dashing. * **Mana Cost: ** 80/75/70/65/60 * **Cooldown: ** 14.5/13/11.5/10/8.5 ----------------- #***W - 'Dreadful Sin'*** ***Passive:*** *Every **third basic attack** will **ignore 10%/17%/24%/31%/38%** of the enemy’s armor. * * **Info:** Does apply to all targets when using Runaan’s Hurricane. ---------- #***E - 'Wall of Despair':*** *In a line of path of **700 range**, Arash shoots up to **3/4/5/6/7 arrows** infused with corrupted earth in front of him in a vertical line. Every arrow stays in the ground for 1.5 seconds and every arrow has **100 range** space between (**Makes a total of 300/400/500/600/700 range**). Upon recast, the corrupted earth immediately spreads out and creates a stone wall in the line of path for **2.5 seconds**. Enemies can’t trespass the wall (except with dash) and can be knocked back at the wall.* * **Info:** If someone doesn’t understand. Each arrow represents 100 range, so at rank 1 a 300 range wall will be created, and so on. * **Mana Cost: ** 65/70/75/80/85 * **Cooldown: ** 16/15/14/13/12 http://abload.de/img/sdc12039-h1jm2.jpg ------ #***Ultimate - 'Seeker’s Determination':*** ***Passive:*** *Grants +25%/+35%/+45% Attack Speed.* ***Active:*** *Arash raises from the ground beneath his feet a giant stationary ballista and becomes rooted for **5.5/6.5/7.5 seconds**. While rooted, Arash gains **double amount** of the skill’s passive granted and Arash is only able to attack targets in a cone of **90° degree** in front of him. Arash becomes also unable to be knocked up, knocked back or pulled (Thresh Hook, BC Hook) within the duration, but can be stunned, silenced, blinded and suppressed.* * **Info:** Arash is able to cast his abilities while he uses a stationary ballista, this includes that he can dash with the stationary ballista either with Q or using Q on E’s wall to travel a longer distance for better positioning. The cone can be moved to right or left, similar to Vel’Koz Ultimate, but Arash needs additionally to click on the target if the enemy is in the cone. * **Mana Cost: ** 100 at all ranks * **Cooldown: ** 120/100/80 ---------------- #***Concept Explanation*** Arash is a short ranged fighter who combines the strength of a marksman and a AD caster together. Arash can be devastating as a immobile marksman once he activates his Ultimate. Other than that, he can be versatile, joining and leaving fights, using a enormous long wall to split the enemy group from each other and travel long distances when he dashes with Q on the wall. * ***Innate Passive*** helps Arash to survive in close combat as his low range forces him to be close to his targets. He gains a shield that is based on his current Champion Level and promotes the player for AD itemization instead of AP or AS. * ***His Q*** does let the player choose between dashing to initiate or dashing to escape. * ***The W*** allows Arash to ignore armor for every third basic attack, allowing Arash to deal a great amount of damage in combination of his crowd controls and ultimate. * ***E*** creates a wall in a direct line, similar to Anivia’s wall, but in a straight line in front of Arash. He can cut off shortcuts and escapes with it, if positioned well. * ***Last, but not least - The Ultimate*** for a few seconds, Arash can unleash a furry of arrows, but cannot walk. He can use Q to dash, but he still can’t walk. He can use E and then Q to dash a longer distance, but he still is immobilized. Arash is strong against other Crowd Control based team composition, who can’t do much against him once he unleashes his ultimate in a teamfight. On the other hand, Arash becomes a very easy prey for enemies who have a burst potential. ------------ #***Quotes:*** ***Champion Selection:*** “All the things that seemed so clear, they don't mean much to me. “ ***Walking:*** “I'm just barely hanging on.” “All the places that I've been; All the faces that I've seen, they don't mean much to me. “ “Memories are fading fast, and now. “ “Holding on just by a thread.” “Hiding pieces of the truth. “ “Now the walls are closing in.” ***Attacking:*** “I'm not breathing, I'm not feeling, I'm not healing. “ “This is how it all begins. “ “I am, enemy.” “All the things that cause me pain used to make sense to me.” “I'm not ready to fall.” “I'm a labeled, enemy. “ “Deep down inside me, passed on this hope and pain.” “Like I don't exist to you now, I'm making you disappear.” “I'm not here to stroke you or to ampllify your pride.” ***If Kalista is near:*** “Got no time for right and wrong. “ “Shadows in an empty room.” “All my thoughts are filled with doubt. “ “It used to make sense to me.” “And learn to live without a lost love, that bears a cross of shame.” ***If Braum is near:*** “You try to tell me that you love life and find another way to kill life.” “Out of my way. “ ***If Mundo is near:*** “Faster than a bullet, enraged and full of anger. “ “THIS. IS. THE. PAINKILLER! “ ***If Arash dies:*** „Have I died for something good? „ “Nothing in my life comes easy. “ ------------ #***Possible Skins*** Human Arash http://zeilyan.deviantart.com/art/Aurvandil-495565874 Bioforge Arash http://masateru.deviantart.com/art/warframe-EMBER-364797813 Challenger Arash http://metalmiku.deviantart.com/art/Fairy-King-501021140 Project Arash http://clintcearley.deviantart.com/art/Hyperion-491767353 Justicar Arash http://thedurrrrian.deviantart.com/art/Pallys-414401653 Bloodmoon Arash http://images4.wikia.nocookie.net/__cb20091021184059/valkyrieprofile/images/thumb/0/01/Reinhilde.jpg/300px-Reinhilde.jpg http://vayreceane.deviantart.com/art/Bugs-and-Sakura-Lies-and-Concrete-500940932 [Ultimate] Imperial Arash http://paleblu.deviantart.com/art/Machine-Crossbow-Gunner-270036114 (Please click on the picture if you want to be redirected to DeviantArt and its Creator) Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed it. If you want to see more of my work, then feel free to visit my [CCCC](http://boards.na.leagueoflegends.com/en/c/skin-champion-concepts/rO567m9r-enter-the-neverworld-champion-concept-list) (*Custom Champion Concept Compendium*).

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