Volibear Rework Suggestions

Hello :D just saw the results of the reworks today and it turns out voli is one of the two getting done. I saw the art for voli and now I have a couple of ideas and I wanted to share them with you. New volibear: God of thunder and sacrifice. Goes into fights big or small bringing alongside him a storm of chaos smiting his foes with the power of thunder and thriving on their blood. **Passive: Blood Sacrifice** Each takedown will count as _a sacrifice_ to the freljordian demi-god _(sacrifice stacks)_. When brought to 30% of his maximum health, he heals for (10+5 per _stack_)% of his max health up to a maximum of 50%. Excess _stacks_ will be kept. **Q: Rolling Thunder:** Volibear gains bonus ms when moving towards an enemy champion. His next autoattack is empowered dealing bonus damage and flipping his target. One ally can click volibear to ride on his back. They are dismounted once this ability is over. **W: Thunder claws:** Volibear enhances his claws with thunder for 5 seconds dealing bonus damage to target and spreading to 3 targets nearby and applying a stack of _"lightning"_. Enemies with 3 stacks will be immedietly stunned for 0.5 seconds. **E: Thunderous roar:** Volibear roars dealing damage to nearby enemies terrifying them (causing the debuff fear) for 1 second. **R: Ava**~~(random storm name lol couldnt find a name for this)~~ Volibear calls upon the powers of thunder bringing the mighty storm to his aid. The storm spawns on top on volibear covering a range of 2000 for 12 seconds. All units outside of the storm lose vision of what is inside and vice versa. Volibear receives buffs (ONLY WHILE INSIDE THE STORM) and changes to his abilities when inside the storm: **Passive:** Takedowns immedietly restore 5% of missing HP. **Lightning strike: **Every 4 seconds ( reduced by voli's aas by 1 second), the storm targets the last enemy hit by volibear dealing damage in an area on top of the target (150 circle) (it makes it dodge-able) and applying a stack of _"lightning"_. If the storm cannot find a target it will strike the target closest to volibear. **Q: Path of thunder:** Volibear leaves behind a path of thunder increasing allies' ms and dealing slight damage to enemies. **W: Demi-God's lightning:** Damage is doubled and it spreads to all targets inside the storm (once). The stun duration is increased by 0.25 Enemy champions that are _feared_ also gain a second debuff called : Boiling blood **Boiling blood:** Volibear gains his Q buffs when moving towards this target. Any critisim is welcome. This is ofcours but a suggestion and i really hope that you can give me your opinion. I personally wanted to insist on him being a terrfying god of thunder. Q second part is just a small interaction that i wanted to include. Is mostly disposable in this scenario. Hope you like it.{{sticker:slayer-jinx-wink}}
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