A player's idea about Aurelian.The original text is in Chinese.

Thanks to KDA Akali for his translation. What's in parentheses is machine translation. (I am a player in China, because there is no direct access to the fist in China, so I went to the North American forum. I hope that well-intentioned netizens can help me translate, thank you very much. I think cast star dragon king is not spray fire dragon, forecast dragon king spray fire, I do not think is "cast star" dragon king. I combined the Dragon King in the preview with the original Dragon King to make a set of skill ideas. I would be very happy if I had some inspiration for the designer, and I would not be depressed if I did not help. The Dragon King I think of should be casting planets, controlling the rules of the universe, gravitation, collision, explosion, galaxy. ) Aurelian Passive Gravitational Force: A gravitation pull forms and attracts planets to each other. The range/distance of the gravitational pull is based on the mass of the planet. The speed of the gravitational pull is related to how far the planets are away from each other. If an enemy attacks Aurelion Sol his planets will lose mass. When two planets collide, they merge together. Planets colliding, an enemy colliding with a planet, and a planet being destroyed all do damage, which is based on the total mass of the planet. Q Planet Manifestation: After a brief delay, Aurelion Sol creates a planet that will increase in mass. (maximum equal to his own AP + a fixed value) and then Aurelion will launch the planet to the target position. W Galactic Sovereignty: Aurelion Sol can cast to select a planet, with the next cast he can move the planet to a target position. E Dragon's Breath: Aurelion Sol shoots dragon breath in a line to deal damage and repel enemies, If Dragon's Breath hits a planet it will be destroyed. R Order of the Stars: Passive: When the mass of the planet reaches 1000, it will be converted into a star, the star will continue to cause damage to nearby enemies. Gravitational force of planets still applies to stars. The force of stars and black holes can act on enemy minions, champions and neutral creatures. If other planets enter the gravitational range of stars without colliding with planets, they orbit around stars to form constellations. Active: Aurelion Sol selects a star to collapse into a black hole for a period of time, gravitation pull around the selected star increases, and all planets in the range will hit the black hole at maximum speed, this includes the planets in constellations. Enemies at the heart of the black hole will be "unable to escape". After a while, the black hole explodes. Ps: Gravity cant be changed players condition, “unable to escape”will be stucked ,lose sight, but players can use abilities that liking Flash or EZs E Original ↓↓↓↓ 我是中国区的玩家,因为中国区没有什么直接通向拳头的渠道,所以我就跑到北美的论坛。 希望有好心的网友能帮我翻译一下,万分感谢。 我觉得铸星龙王不是喷火龙,预告里的龙王喷火,我觉得不是“铸星”龙王。 我结合预告里的龙王和原来的龙王,做了一套技能设想,如果对设计师带来一些灵感我将感到十分高兴,如果没有帮助我也不沮丧。 我所想的龙王,应该是铸造星球,掌控宇宙的规则,引力,碰撞,爆炸,星系。 铸星龙王 P 引力:不同星球间会形成引力并相互吸引,引力的范围与质量有关,吸引的速度与间距有关。敌人的攻击会使星球的质量发生损失。 - 碰撞:当两个星球相撞会融合在一起。星球相撞,撞到敌人,被破坏都会造成伤害,伤害与星球总质量有关。 Q 铸星:短暂延迟龙王创造出一颗行星,蓄力会不断增加的质量(最大值等于自身法术强度+固定值),之后发射到目标位置。 W掌控:选择一颗星球,再次使用使其移动到目标位置,对途经的敌人造成伤害。 E 龙息:发射一道龙息对直线上的敌人造成伤害并击退,被击中的星球都会被破坏。 R 秩序:被动:当行星的质量达到1000就会转化成恒星,在恒星会持续对附近的敌人造成伤害。 ------------------------------恒星以及黑洞的引力可以作用于敌方小兵,英雄和中立生物。 ------------------------------如果其他星球进入恒星的引力范围而没有与恒星碰撞,则会环绕恒星公转形成恒星系。 ----------------主动:选择一颗恒星,使其塌缩一段时间变成黑洞,引力变大,范围内的所有星球都会以最大速度撞向黑洞。 -----------------------------处于黑洞核心地带的敌人将“无法逃逸”。一段时间后黑洞会爆炸。 补充:引力的吸引效果不会改变敌人的状态。“无法逃逸”状态将无法移动,视野丢失,但可以使用传送类位移。

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