Malzahar's Legendary skin

Greetings summoners! :3 I main Malzahar & enjoy playing him a lot! His voidlings, spell spamming, leaving a J4 hanging by q'ing him right after his e(I love doing such stuff esp. xD) However, I think we should get an amazing Legendary Malzahar's skin! We all should share our creative ideas to Riot. :3 Malzahar's skin always gets down to his Voidlings, How they will appear, their effects, What they actually be? So with all that in mind, Here's my idea :3~ Demon Lord Malzahar! or Hell Guardian! So in this skin, Malzahar is now a Demon Lord from hell who can summon his ghouls( voidlings) to spread terror from hell by his catchy Malefic Vision(e). His Nether Grasp(R), his ultimate can give a glimpse of terror by opening glimpse of hell beneath the affected enemy. Shrine Monk Malzahar. Malzahar can have a golden shiny effect on him like a godly monk. Facepalm! What happens to his Voidlings?? :3 Alright, no such skin :3

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