Sona skin idea - Blackthorn?

Hey guys! Just a quick concept for a Sona skin (man she has so many!), it is just for fun so here we go!: Sona is dressed up in vines of darkness or black in colour, thorns sticking out all over them. She has one rose in her hair, and her instrument is made out of the same vine-like material of thorns (the strings don't have thorns on them, but the instrument can be covered in tiny roses). Therose, vines, and thorns all change their highlight colour based on the last spell used, but all stay black in base colour. Passive: While ready with an enhanced auto attack, the flower on Sona's head is in full bloom and will close back up after it has been used in an auto attack. Q: The vines entangle them around two enemies, damaging them and creating a red aura of vines around her for a few moments to empower the next auto attack of her allies. Her visual highlights becomes red and black, and so do the hands of her allies until they use their empowered attack. W: Sona sends vines to create a barrier around an ally, healing them. The aura of thorny vines becomes dark pink and black, and creates a barrier around all allies for a brief moment. Her abilities and highlights become dark pink and black until her next spell cast. E: Sends thornless vines to wrap themselves around the legs of allies, speeding them on their way as her orange/black thorny aura speeds them along. Her animations becomes orange/black until she casts another spell. R: Sona summons a thicket of purple and black vines in a line, entangling enemies as they deal damage and imprisiom enemies temporarily. Her animations becomes purple and black temporarily before turning back to their previous colour.
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