My overall look on League of Legend problems

So it's starting with this new Champion Sylas. I don't know whats the bigger problem about him. Is it the scaling he has. or the Cooldowns he got. I once watched a video about unreleased spells who had Lux original W to make ally invisible instead of shielding it . But it was deleted because " it would ruin the game if you could make any champion in game invisible" I think that this is the same , and even worse then that, by letting champion has whatever you please to So imagine a scenario when you play as Twisted fate versus Sylas. Your purpose as TF is to Roam, to get your ultimate and roam, that is why your spells has nice waveclear. and your ultimate is what it is, with really big Cooldown. Then comes Sylas, who will have great waveclear with his Q and Passive. And alongside that, he can steal your ultimate, and use it with less cooldown then you So basically the only advantage you have is now your weakness. the enemy get to use your "best weapon" against you , more often then you. Same with Khartus ultimate, Khartus is balanced enough and his ultimate has like 3minute CD on first level , when Sylas has 70-80 sec CD. Also he has 2 CC, one being slow one being stun and knock up. Okay . thats fine . But then , give him heal that can heal litreally alll his HP. And give him dash, and Hook . Like 2 gapclosers. 2 cc. Heal , big AOE damage, and any ultimate that he want Does it sound balanced ? the main problem because of which is all going downhill is that all new heroes are made so immaturely. Being champions that will turn on and hype up kids to use them cuz they are so "cool" "flashy" " having cool abillities" i mean. Zoe can steal Summoner spells Neeko can steal your look Sylas can steal your ultimate It's like they are going the way to make the game being useful for youtube video compilation of all that flashy plays and deceiving stuff. Even all the names of champions are just made to sound Cool, Neeko, Zoe, Pyke. Why don't you make another Heimerdinger. Or Fiddlesticks. It's really going the childish way. which brings the next topic. SKINS Like the game is freaking focused on them now . making Program, project etc. that look cool for kids. Cuz they are all futuristic and "badass" I have a feeling like most of the employees in RIOT are working to make bunch of skins . and not actually focusing most of their work on gameplay. That's just how it feels.
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