Fiddlesticks Rework Concept

This is just a idea that I think would work pretty well for a Fiddlesticks rework. I feel Fiddlesticks needs a rework soon he seems the closest to receive one considering the Champs that are currently being reworked are Battle Mages and Fighters, it would be a nice switch to see them rework a Supportive CC Mage If you have any critiques or suggestive changes I'll be glad to see what you think about my idea for Fiddlesticks rework. **Note: There are no current scalings, channel times, or duration for slows and fears ** Lets get to it then {{champion:9}} _**Fiddlesticks, The Preserver of Magic**_. _**Passive - What Lurks **_ Fiddlesticks sits in a bush for 3 seconds and stands still like a scarecrow, if an enemy Monster or Champion walks in the bush that Fiddlesticks is in they are feared for 1.5/2/2.5/3. If the enemy has vision of Fiddlesticks in the bush the fear is halved. _**Q - Terrify **_ Fiddlesticks scares the enemy in a cone, if they are looking at him. If they are turned around they are slowed for a short amount. _**W - Drain **_ Fiddlesticks tethers himself to the target enemy and channels for up to 5 seconds. While channeling, Fiddlesticks deals magic damage each second, and heals himself for a percentage of the damage done. If the target breaks the tether by moving out of range, Drain ends immediately. If the target dies before the channel completes, reduces its cooldown by its remaining duration (NOTHING HAS CHANGED) _**E - Be Very Afraid**_ _Passive _- Enemy Champions and Monsters who are feared have reduced Magic Resistance _Active_ - Fiddlesticks sends out his crow _Poh_ and pecks and slows the first enemy hit. _**R - Crow storm **_ Fiddlesticks channels a flock of crows surging forwards towards the pointed direction. (Like from the Twist of Fate video). _**Reworked Lore**_: Fiddlesticks was created by a Vastayan Shapeshifter by the name Istvaan. He created Fiddlesticks to protect the land of magic and he set fiddlesticks out into the forest to protect the land from any Human that would set foot in the forest to take the magic that lived there. [End for right now] My idea for Fiddlesticks was to make him more of a Fear Mage because there really isn't a fear mage in the game yet and I felt like making him a mobile mage doesn't seem right for a scarecrow archetype.
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