The Mischievous Adventures part 372

(Later) {{champion:45}}: "Singed I like to thank you for helping my forces into a road of glory." {{champion:27}}: "Oh there is no need for thanks Veigar." {{champion:45}}: "Really I insist. Now I want to know your plans." {{champion:27}}: "Oh yes, I have gather you all here to discuss the plans that will finally bring Veigar's dream into a reality." {{champion:33}}: "Cool." {{champion:13}}: "Just tell us already." {{champion:27}}: "Very well very well. So I have instructed you to create an item, that item resembling a bomb. But fraid not, I taken care of that those 'bombs' would not hurt anyone on Veigar's behalf. Now what we're going to do with them is another matter, we're going to storm an abounded building. The police should be on to us..." {{champion:33}}: "Wait." {{champion:13}}: "What!?" {{champion:27}}: "And so being there, we'll give them a message. We'll use the 'bombs' to blow up the building and tell the police we have hundreds of these. We'll trick them into going into fear, and then after a few more demonstrations they'll bow to Veigar in fear of what he can do." {{champion:45}}: "....Singed...that sounds amazing! Let us work this plan more through!" {{champion:27}}: "As you wish Veigar." {{champion:45}}: "Nahahaha! Soon I will be the greatest criminal of all time!" {{champion:13}}: "Hm..." (Later) {{champion:13}}: "Well guess that mask can make a...reasonable sized plan, I'll give him that." Henchmen 1: "Hey be more carful with those!" Henchmen 2: "Sorry!" {{champion:13}}: "Huh?" Henchmen 1: "Sorry won't cut it, you want to get us all killed!? You know what it doesn't matter, let's get these 'bomb' to Singed before he yells at us." Henchmen 2: "Why are you putting it in air quotes?" Henchmen 1: "I really don't know, but it feels fun." {{champion:13}}: "...Oh crap..."
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