[Skin Concept] - Bee Worker Lulu

Hi! From the first moment I saw Teemo's new skin, Beemo, I absolutely fell in love with it and thought the whole "bee" concept would fit Lulu as well, so I decided to draw a little sketch/concept of it! Pix would be a little bee as you can see in the drawing. Lulu would still have long hair, but turned into a really fluffy ponytail, with honey dripping from the tips of it. I thought it would be cool to have it leave a little trail of honey behind her as she walks too! She also has little bee wings, so she can still make her joke, taunt, dancing and laughter animations (similar to the star guardian concept) What do you guys think of it? I absolutely love this champion and I honestly think she deserves some more love :( Edit: Here's a "cleaner" version of the concept! https://sta.sh/0227y9lzsuut
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