Gottfried,the Ruined king.

----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- visual Theme music by Riot games [Base statistics] Health. 582.2 – 2282.2. Health regen. 10 – 26.2. Mana. 263 – 900.5. Mana regen. 6.6 – 12.5. Range. 195. Attack damage. 64 – 149. Attack speed. 0.625 (+ 0 – 17%). Armor. 39 – 107. Magic resist. 32.1 – 53.4. Movement speed. 340. [Statistics] Role:Specialist. Class:Figther. Lane:Top. Damage:Mixed. Primary recourse:Mana. melee champion. Difficult: 2/3 Damage: 2/3 Toughness: 2/3 Mobility: 2/3 Control: 1/3 Utility: 1/3 ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- [Lore] The king of the Blessed isles,now known as Ruined king has arise due to the fact that he did not find peace in the next world after the mistake what he did.When Gottfried saw what he did he fall in to sadness,they hear all the screams of pain from their subjects,he hear all the time:"Why you do it,my king....?","See what have you done!?!","Now because of you we all suffer!","We can't find peace,because of you!!!"....The black mist enveloped him trying to break his spirit and force him to join her,but Gottfried reminds to himself about the salvation for that happening,the spell what can reborn the Shadow isles to Blessed again....but for that Gottfried need will go to the altar when his mistake happens.Gottfried started his way to the altar,but the Black mist don't wanted it,she tried everytime to break his spirit and make them fall in to madness....Will Gottfried reach to the altar?or he will fall on the madness and become as another cursed soul on Shadow isles like others.... "Everybody have a the worst..." -Gottfried,the Ruined king. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Abilities] [passive]The curse of ruined king:When Gottfried die,he become as ghost who can't attack the enemy or be attacked by them.In that form,Gottfried's movement speed has grow to +10. *When Gottfried respawn,he respawn in that place were he are located* [Q]Spear of the damned:[passive]Everytime when Gottfried dies,the damage of Spear of damned grown by +8 physical damage. [active]Gottfried charge his spear and deal damage in cone.When Gottfried deal damage to champion,he can use it again but the blow will welded forward and deal bonus physical damage. cots:45 mana. cooldown:12 / 11 / 10 / 9 / 8. radius effect:535. angle:80°. bonus physical damage:40/ 50 / 55 / 60 / 65% AD. "*This spear i find when i was forged for me by one smith....*" [W]Stone guards:Gottfried orders to three stone guards reveal around.If the enemy was under the zone were the stone guards reveal,the stone guards will deal a fast blow what stuns the enemy and deal magical damage. *Every level up on W ability make longer increases the time spent of stone guards* cots:30 / 35 / 40 / 45 / 50. cooldown:20 / 18 / 16 / 14 / 12. target range:600. minimum magic damage:70 / 105 / 140 / 175 / 210 (+ 70% AP) [E]Dark petrification:[passive]Gottfried petrify his body,makes them immune to control,damage and stuns for 6 seconds. [active]Gottfried become a ghost who have increase movement speed.When Gottfried in that form deal autoattack or use abilities,he teleport his petrify body to location were Gottfried come. cots:75. cooldown:15. target range:1000. bonus movement speed:10 / 15 / 20 / 25 / 30% [R]The curse of the isles:After a pause for 5 seconds,Gottfried call the black mist to filled the choosed lane.If Gottfried is located on the lane were he call the black mist,he increase his armor and magic resists for +15 and movement speed for +10.The minions what located in black mist transform in to the mist walkers get +5 armor and +100 health but lose -5 damage. "*The maiden is not the lone who can control the black mist...*" ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ [Interactions] Champion pick::I made the mistake....and i will will correct....." Champion ban:"I...shall...not...break...." Start game/First move: 1]I hear the scream of suffering from my filed..... 2]I kill the Blessed isles.........i will correct this mistake... 3]The maiden of the mist:Gottfried,you think you will find peace after your mistake!? Gottfried:No...but i shall reborn the isles... 4]The maiden of mist:Surrender,it's useless! Gottfried:Nothing is useless when the hope are still alive! Attack/Attack the enemy: 1]Don't stay in my way. 2]Dare to contradict the king!?. 3]I will end this madness in isles. 4]Decay! 5]You....shall....die! 6]Ngkhh....i...shall not...break... 7]If you will not die by my will die by the black mist... 8]I hear the screams of suffering.... 9]I....will return my kingdom!!!.... 10]Feel...the damnation what consume your soul?! 11]All flesh....should decay!..... 12]I....will consume your soul!!!. 13]Nghhhhh...he breaking me...but i shall not...break.... 14]The Maiden tried to break me.....but i will not...break..... 15]! Movement: 1]This body...can't contain me for long time.... 2]I feel how my body decay.... 3]I shall suffer...and i know why... 4]All their hopes...dreams....are consumed by the black mist... 5]Freshhhhhh....sooouulssss.... 6]I smell.....the living! 7]I must go forward.... 8]I shall located to! 9]I 10]My mind is break,but i still remember what i did.... 11]She want take me...but i will not give to her this chance... 12]I talk sometimes with my spear....he don't talk much... 13]The dead can't talk... 14]Life is cruel...why should the afterlife be any defferent...? 15]I don't feel hunger or fatigue...i feel only sadness and...depression.... Taunt to the enemy champion: {{champion:268}}:The true king,is that who don't fear get your hands dirty! {{champion:120}} kill her! {{champion:120}}:Traitor!!...i will make you suffer for that!!! {{champion:57}}'s your mistake too! {{champion:57}}:Why you didn't stop me then!? {{champion:412}};These souls shall be free! {{champion:412}}:You don't have rights to torment those souls! {{champion:83}}:I know you are angry on me,but we still can reborn the Shadow isles! {{champion:83}};Yorick,you will get angry on me later,now help me to reborn the Shadow isles! {{champion:82}}:You will not stop me,revenant! {{champion:60}}:Nothing is forever,and you are too... {{champion:30}}:Your choir will ends here,Deathsinger! Taunt to ally champions: {{champion:83}}:I know your anger Yorick,but i h=know how to reborn the Shadow isles. {{champion:83}}:We need to be located on the altar were it happends... {{champion:83}}:If you want,you can stay here and dig graves,or help me to reborn the Shadow isles,now choice. Using abilities: E: 1]You shall not break me! 3]Try now! 4]You can:t touch the king! 5]Ngha!!! R: 1]The maiden of the mist:What!?how!??! Gottfried:I have such knowledge what you don't know! 2]The maiden of the mist:No!,no!!! Gottfried:What?,think you can control the mist? 3]The maiden of the mist:Impossible!!! Gottfried:I will use the mist,for now. 4]The mist!i call you!,come and make my way to altar faster!!! 5]Nghu.gohna.tunohu...shagavar!!! Buying items: {{item:3153}}:Hello old friend,i miss you too. {{item:3031}}:Well,great weapon,show me your power. {{item:3053}}:I have same glove...but i miss it... {{item:3194}}:Good helmet,for the king. {{item:3025}}:Cold,like the touch of death... {{item:3748}}:Huh,i want as a pet this hydra...i like it. {{item:3083}}:That will helps on my wandering. {{item:3072}}:Heh,i see you don't talk too much. {{item:3813}}:Nice too meet you. {{item:3033}}:Good weapon,with good character.
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