Howling Abyss game mode(s)

Hey all, Wanna invite you to our howling abyss customs.... 5v5 draft 1 boots (any) all static shiv.. any champ or all supports Or 1 boots (any) all warmogs (all melee) Or Faction vs faction.... Yordles vs humans.... Or We've done phantom dancers and boots.... What ever creative idea can be thought of we're open to try it. We generally get around 10 players regularly, with many wanting to get into the action. We have all walks of players from diamond to casual.... As long your open to the rules of the current game your welcome to join us. We play on the NA server generally from 10 pm pst to 5am pst. If your curious for something new, look me up in game, Luzz..... We're always looking for new players wanting to have some good ole fashioned fun. We use discord are our main chat server.
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