My Thoughts and Critique of the NEW WUKONG.

[] (Cause I didn't know exactly where to put this, I put it both in Gameplay and Concepts & Creations) ##So for the past few days I played a bunch of games on the PBE AS and AGAINST Wukong, as well as further tested some interesting builds in the training mode to get a better feel for what Wu can do now. I have been a Wukong main since season 2, have thousands of hours played on the champ with 2.1 million mastery, and am Plat. With all of this testing and experience I wish to present a well-informed critique of the current changes and what I believe should/could be changed within what Riot has offered us. I understand that Wukong has an identity crisis and honestly I still believe that to FULLY alleviate it a full rework is needed, but I do like the direction of these changes over all and I’m happy that Wukong is finally getting looked at, thank you Meddler. If you don’t want to read my whole reasoning for some changes then just read the TL;DWTR. **NOTE:** This is a continuation of one of my comments assessing the Wukong changes from Meddler's first post on the Wukong Prototype . _P.S. can we get better names for Passive, Q, and W lol, maybe Q: Wuju Jin Bang_ *** >**TL;DWTR:** Passive: [Part 1] Change the Stack Damage Buff to Armor Shred upto 40%; Add bonus effect at full stacks [Part 2] Still lack luster, maybe add a shielding effect(KingKongLoL); Maybe rework the ability entirely; Still uninteresting and lacks interaction Q: No skill expression, no damage, no utility, very boring right now; Higher base valued heal scaling off of bonus HP/AP instead of total AD; Return damage type to **Physical** no reason to have it be **Magical** and give it some scalings whether it be AD, AP, HP, MR and/or AR (I prefer a hybrid set); Have a bonus effect on hit where your W CD is decreased; Replace current passive effect with the heal effect, where after using an ability your next auto will heal you; Return the range increase as a part of the Q, like old Q; **REWORK IDEA: Make it a skill shot like Illaoi’s with on-hit effect. ** W: Instead of it dealing Physical damage have it deal Magical damage; Allow us the move the clone around and only attack if we command it to or are attacking a target; Dash in direction of our cursor not the model’s facing direction; Return CD "start on cast" rather than "after decoy dies". E: Nothing done to this skill; Decoys being targetable and able to block skill shots doesn't feel all that impactful since they aren't there for more than a second; Still fine with reduction to scaling so Assassin Wu is hit a little, but give more attack speed to the ability for tank/bruiser builds; **REWORK IDEA: Has potential with creativity (like leaving behind two static clones that attack nearby enemies or skill shot with effect), you just need to search for it!** R: Make the ult tick faster; Maybe make it unstoppable. *** **Passive: Crushing Blows/Stone Skin** The first part of the passive, crushing blows, actually feels much nicer than it originally sounded on paper. The damage increase allows you to play the early game easier, even against some tough match-ups, however that’s the thing I don’t like about this passive. I noticed that you can abuse this passive EARLY game since percent damage increase is much better than armor shred due to players not building armor items yet (unless you have aftershock), but once they build defensive items it starts falls off quite quickly. I would either increase the damage buff and have it scale based on your level or better yet, so you can’t hard abuse this effect early, make the stacking buff armor reduction upto 40% scaling with your level instead. This passive should be better against whom Wu would fight, tanks/bruisers/juggs, but once the enemy has past 200 armor (give or take 10) you start doing less damage than if you had the old shred. In addition, I personally would also like a fun effect that would go off if you got to full stacks, kind of like Conq. For the second part it’s just a buffed up version of the old passive, but I still don’t feel it unless my team is fighting baron, dragon, or trying to end the game (all of which are usually 5v5 fights). This maybe a personal playstyle thing, but it just still feels lack luster. I do like how it does reward you for building tanky and you really feel it when you just go full tank, but I don’t play Wukong to be a tank, I play him to be a duelist/burster/trickster with carry potential ever since season 2. Idk if you should rework the second part to give a shield (like KingKongLoL said) or some type of damage reduction when fulfilling a certain criteria. Potential is there, you just need to find it. *** **Q: Magical Golden Staff** So after taking some time with the new kit I can firmly say the new Q…needs to be redesigned or replaced since, outside of the heal itself, it offers nothing in utility, damage, or even skill expression(definitely my most hated part of the kit). So firstly I feel it’s heal should have a higher base value and be scaling off your bonus HP, AP or something other than tAD. This tAD scaling is incentivizing you build more AD so you can get more heal, which sadly is the only selling part of the new q since it has no other utility and no damage. Currently the added sustain is just pushing full AD Wukong more, which means lethality burst Wukong still looks, not great, but good to play. Moreover, you need to understand that the Q just adds the MAGIC damage to your AA PHYSICAL damage so Assassin Wukong isn’t hurt too much by the damage type change. This leads me into my next suggestion….change the MAGIC damage back to PHYSICAL damage since all this change is doing (and I felt it during my games) is hurting your synergy with black cleaver and last whisper items. Keep the low base damage, but also give it low scalings (as I previously suggested: hybrid), but also give it a bonus effect on hit, like CD reduction on W or movespeed or something interesting. Now for the AA/Spell weaving passive idea….it’s a cool concept but during my games it felt very useless. Essentially it’s a slightly faster animation with a range buff that only works well when using Q or W. Q since it just acts as the old Q so no changes there, and W since W pushes you right out of normal Auto range (200 units) so you can actually use the range buff. Regrettably on both E and R it’s useless since you either have dashed right on top of your enemy and/or are ulting on top of them, it just doesn’t feel well designed. Instead, I would have the extra range be base on Q and replace the passive effect with the healing effect, having your next auto after using an ability heal you instead of just the Q hit. _**Side note: Maybe making this a long Illaoi skill shot....could make it more fun. **_ *** **W: Master Trickster** For the most part I still like the new Decoy, however it should be dealing consistent magical damage instead of physical damage considering 1) it applies on-hits, which are usually magical, and 2) consistent magic damage is good against tankier enemies, whom Wukong fights in his main lane. Also after many games, I found that players just walk away or around the clone, reducing the clone to being useless, outside of tower taking and the 200-unit push. I still stand with what I previously said in allowing us to move the clone like a Leblanc or Shaco clone and have it so it won’t attack enemies unless we command it to or are attacking them ourselves so it doesn’t interfere with S-Juking. Also a nice QOL suggestion I saw from other Wu-mains and agree with was making it so you are pushed in the direction of your mouse cursor. A balance for allowing us to move the clone could be giving the decoy 50% of defenses scaling up to 100% based on how many levels it has in it (maybe give it a higher gold value as well, like 70 gold). I would also request to return the CD start on cast rather than after decoy dies since this completely kills fun spear builds and like before the decoy would just die if you summoned another one before it died so there was no real problem with it. *** **E: Nimbus Strike** Honestly, there is no difference in mechanics or anything; it’s the old E that we’ve played with for 8 years no change. So I don’t mind the reduced scaling so it hits Assassin Wukong, but I would like to see more attack speed given to the ability in compensation. Over all the skill has potential, like leaving behind the two summoned clones to attack enemies just like the W, or what I originally said by making the ability a skill shot with some fun stuff. I’m still in hope that something like this could be realized since it’s still in prototype stage. *** **R: Cy-Clone ;)** Even though it wasn’t touched I still think it’s a fine ability, just would like to see the tick-rate up’d since in reality it won’t do anything for burst monkey since currently most wu-mains, me included, cancel the ult after the knockup since we can do more damage with auto’s and abilities. Still wouldn’t mind if it was unstoppable tho, could give us players a skillful decision to either stay in ult or not based on the fight. *** {{item:4402}} {{champion:62}} {{item:4402}}
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