Nocturne Rework Concept

Current iteration is transparent body with two large disembodied hands Hands form an 135° obtuse triangle and are roughly 300 units away from "body" Hands have an attack range based on their position and have independent attack delay Damage dealt and taken by hands reduced Movement wise, body should lead and try to simulate current Nocturne Bongo Bongo/Tricky as a baseline representation ...I don't know why I called it anxiety, I was thinking paranoia but now I'm lazy to change it, maybe in future revisits Passive - Looming Nightmare While Nocturne lives, all enemy champions passively gain Anxiety over time. Anxiety Reduces vision radius and turns Nocturne more opaque based on total built up(Manifest into the world or some shit like that) Reduced by: Dealing damage to Nocturne, being close to an allied champion, revealing Nocturne with control wards/abilities >> Add some form of hallucination representation at some point, probably gonna move hallucinations to E Q - Darkness Closes One of Nocturne's hand rushes forth crushing the first champion hit, slowing them and dealing damage over the slow If both hands hit the same target, they will suffer additional damage equal to a percentage of their maximum HP and be stunned instead. If Nocturne is fully visible (Anxiety level high), both casts will stun and pull the target to Nocturne >> Cooldown not shared, will always launch left hand first, cannot attack with hand until it returns Minions and monsters along the path are damaged W - Shadow's Door Nocturne phases into the realm of spirits temporarily becoming untargetable and gaining movement speed for the duration. If Nocturne is fully visible (Anxiety level high), he instead gains a spell shield for the duration that converts blocked abilities into bonus attack speed, less effective for additional blocks after the first. >> Only first part is prevents him from attacking Second part is basically almost like a morg shield that grants attack speed Have not considered how it would look yet due to Noct's strange model, having a moving Yasuo wall might be a bit... E - Glimpse of Horror Some kind of fear, pretend you don't notice this is incomplete. This is a rough concept anyways, I just need to create a page for it so it can stop piggybacking off another concept's page so yea wall of text. R - Eternal Nightmare Nocturne covers the entire battlefield in darkness reducing the sight radius of enemy champions and gaining massively increased movement speed while they do not have sight of him. >> Basically same ultimate but no ballista Noct ____ Closer Noct rendition Passive: Looming Nightmare Nocturne is untargetable and in turn cannot target other units as long as he remains in his Nightmare realm. If Nocturne remains close to an enemy unit, he will gradually inflict paranoia on them reducing their vision radius and allied vision at maximum stacks. >Basically give the feeling of Nocturne being a creature of nightmares unable to be struck until he materializes Q: Duskbringer Nocturne throws a shard of nightmare forward ripping opening the area and allowing him to materialize in the physical realm while in it. Nocturne can only be targeted and deal damage to units in the area. >Basically opening a hole from the nightmare realm to physical realm W: Sleeping Shroud E: Last Night
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