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Hi all! I'm GetLeBonked, a Hide and Seek enthusiast with hundreds of games under my belt. Unfortunately, with the removal of Dominion and subsequently the Crystal Scar, Riot eradicated League's most popular custom game mode. Or so it seems Never fear!
Some of my favorite league of legends memories come from the custom games that are currently non-existent in the current client. With Riot's new interest in creating new game modes, I was hoping that they'd bring back the most popular custom game mode from back then. Hide and Seek on the Dominion map was incredibly popular for a custom game mode and was born without any intervention from Riot. Not only do I think it would be a huge hit among veterans and new players, but it'd also be very simple to implement. My suggestions are short and straightforward: 1. The Dominion map is outdated. The Overcharge map is very suited for this game mode and would be my first choice (Dominion would be my second). Summoner's Rift is not suited for this. 2. The game mode would have to roles to choose from: Hiding and Seeking. As there are 5 hiders and 2 seekers, any lobby with 3 or more players would only be eligible to hide. This is to prevent ghosting in all-chat. 3. While some champions would be stronger than others, I see no problems if Oracle's Extract is included. Evelynn and shaco as a hiders is my only concern. 4. The seekers need a distinct advantage. Permanent overcharge for invulnerability (without the spotlights chasing opponents) or a gold lead/damage resistance come to mind. They should definitely be rewarded gold for killing hiders and should be able to back and shop to further their agenda. 5. Hiders need objectives on the map to promote continuous interaction and to allow them to not be trapped in a game with inactive seekers. 6. Inactive Hiders need to be killable. I tried to keep this post as short and sweet as possible. The link is to the current rule set for Hide and Seek, which is played on Summoner's Rift as it is the only 5v5 map available. I'd love to hear any community suggestions in the comments! Please up-vote to support the return of this game mode! :)
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