[WIP] Entier, the Thunder of Drums

Primary Class: Enchanter Secondary Class: Marksman Primary Role: Support Secondary Role: Bot Lane Carry ----- Damage: 2/3 Toughness: 1/3 Control: 3/3 Mobility: 0/3 Utility: 3/3 Difficulty: 3/3 ----- Affiliation: Noxus Friends: {{champion:119}} {{champion:8}} {{champion:202}} Rivals: {{champion:37}} {{champion:122}} In-Client Lore: Entier grew up with his brother on the streets of Noxus. When a teenaged Entier exacted revenge upon his brother’s murderer, the killing did not go unnoticed - a certain hemomancer picked up on the boy’s magic awakening in tune with the dying pulse of his victim. Arrested by Noxian guardsmen only to be trained by Vladimir under permission from the Grand General himself, Entier learned to harness the power of his own pulsing blood to bring forth violent waves of sound. He eventually gained enough control of his ability to be placed as a captain in the Noxian military, wielding his power to crush the foes of Noxus and inspire the men under his command. Entier’s odd magic, flair for the dramatic, and easy-going attitude (for a Noxian) brought him great success, allowing him to climb all the way to the rank of General. ----- Health: 520 + 78/lv (1846) Health Regen: 5.8 + 0.553/lv (15.2) Mana: 280 + 54/lv (1198) Mana Regen: 9 + 0.482/lv (17.2) Range: 525 Attack Damage: 60 + 2.1/lv (95.7) Attack Speed: 0.625 + 1.9%/lv (+32.3%) Armor: 28 + 3.4/lv (85.8) Magic Resist: 30 + 0.5/lv (38.5) Movement Speed: 335 ----- Passive - Strike the Beat COUNTOFF: Entier kicks off the fight with a steady beat. His first 4 auto-attacks against enemy champions, structures, or epic monsters within 5 - 1.5 (scaling down with level) seconds are at 1.0 - 4.0 (scaling with level) Attack Speed with only 50% on-hit and critical strike damage. The second, third, and fourth attack gain 50, 100, and 150 range, respectively. Attacking a target that is not an enemy champion, structure, or epic monster will end the effect and put Countoff on a 60-20 (scaling down with level) second cooldown. If all four attacks are successfully executed against enemy champions, structures, or epic monsters, Entier and all allied champions within 1200 range gain Noxian Hailstorm. NOXIAN HAILSTORM: Entier invigorates himself and his allies with a driving tempo, granting a burst of 10-20% (based on level) Movement Speed, decaying over 2 seconds to 4-8% (based on level), and 10-50 (based on level) Attack Damage or 15-75 (based on level) Ability Power, Adaptive, for 10 seconds. The Movement Speed bonus is doubled when moving toward enemy champions or structures. Cooldown: 60 seconds ----- Q - Sonic Burst ACTIVE: Entier fires a burst of damaging sound waves in a line, dealing 60/95/130/165/200 (+70% AP) magic damage to all enemies hit. The sound waves stop upon colliding with an enemy champion, slowing them by 50/57.5/65/72.5/80%, decaying over 2 seconds. Range: 1050 Collision Radius: 40 Cost: 50/55/60/65/70 Mana Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds ----- W - White Noise ACTIVE: Entier floods a cone-shaped area in front of him with white noise, silencing enemy champions for 0.8/0.9/1.0/1.1/1.2 seconds and shielding allies for 80/100/120/140/160 (+40% AP) for 4 seconds, decaying over the duration after 1 second. Range: 750 Angle: 70° Cost: 80/85/90/95/100 Mana Cooldown: 15/13.5/12/10.5/9 seconds ----- E - Solid Sound ACTIVE: Entier roots himself to his current location for up to 6 seconds, becoming immune to displacement effects and creating an impassable wall of pure sound in front of him and perpendicular to which way he is facing, knocking enemies in the same direction. Entier can attack and cast spells during Solid Sound. Solid Sound cannot be canceled by issuing movement commands, but can be recast to end the effect after 1.5 seconds. Range: 175 Wall Length: 375/450/525/600/675 Wall Width: 75/100/125/150/175 Cost: 60 Mana Cooldown: 19/18/17/16/15 seconds ----- R - Echo Chamber / Thunderclap FIRST CAST - ECHO CHAMBER: Entier enhances all sound around him in an area to the degree that even the softest of footsteps or the lightest of breaths can be heard, reducing his total Movement Speed by 40% and granting True Sight within the area for up to 8 seconds. While Echo Chamber persists, Entier's attack range becomes 950 and his auto-attacks gain increased projectile speed and slow enemies by 15/20/25% for 1 second. After 2 seconds, gain the ability to cast Thunderclap. SECOND CAST - THUNDERCLAP: Entier collapses the resonant sound in his echo chamber, knocking enemies in a cone in front of him toward a central line and dealing 80/120/160 (+50% AP) magic damage, increased by 10% for each champion auto-attack or spellcast that occured within the Echo Chamber, up to 200% bonus damage. Echo Chamber Effect Radius: 950 Thunderclap Range: 950 Thunderclap Angle: 60° Cost: 100/150/200 Mana Cooldown: 160/140/120 seconds after casting Thunderclap ----- Appearance: Entier is a man of average stature in his late 20’s with swept-back silver hair, lightly-tanned skin, and gray eyes. His left cheek bears a small horizantal scar running under and just to the left of his eye. He wears a wine-red long-sleeved shirt under a half-opened black leather vest, which has obvious light armor plate reinforcement running down the sides of the front. Three leather bands wrap around either of his forearms, with a polished steel plate on each band. Entier wears dark brown pants and a belt that carries a pair of small pouches and a cloth. On his feet, he wears black boots with a polished steel front. Slung over his shoulder is a small brown messenger bag. Entier is unarmed, wielding only his magic. For his basic attacks, Entier hurls what looks like a ball of swirling air. On impact, it makes a sound like a drum; during Countoff and Echo Chamber, this sound is replaced with a click and a hard-picked metal bass note or two, respectively, with priority given to Countoff. Additionally, the fourth and sometimes third auto of Countoff will include a trapset pickup, which leads into Noxian Hailstorm A stiff drum beat plays during Noxian Hailstorm, its tempo scaling up with level. Thus, its style also changes with level. Sonic Burst looks rather similar to Lee Sin’s Q - Resonating Strike, except its trail is composed of afterimages. Its sound is a low, crackling *Thuuum*. White Noise looks like a series of quickly-advancing, semi-transparent waves of static from an old television, and sounds like one too. The shields are a default light gray. Solid Sound is a rectangular prism with rounded corners that seems to be composed of swirling air and emits a simple high-pitched note on creation which dies down to a soft, high-pitched whine. Echo Chamber adds an echo to every sound effect that occurs inside it, as heard to players inside. Players outside hear sound effects that occur inside through a filter similar to the one Evelynn uses. Additionally, players inside can hear footsteps, breathing, and a heartbeat. Thunderclap sounds like, well, thunder, accompanied by an electric guitar superchord that fades out over a couple seconds. ----- PLAYING AS ENTIER In lane, Entier has no built-in sustain. He cannot even shield himself if he goes for a trade. To make his trading even worse, doing so puts Strike the Beat on a huge cooldown, giving opponents a large window to capitalize on. Instead of trading, Entier players should be hanging back, waiting for the perfect opportunity for an all-in. This can even include enemy ganks - even in a scenario where the Thunder of Drums and his laning partner are outnumbered, his area disruption in White Noise and Solid Sound can give him just enough time to finish his Countoff, potentially turning the tables. Entier really shines in full-scale fights once he gains access to Echo Chamber and the almighty Thunderclap. Sneaky opponents cannot hide from him, and he gains the ability to literally change the dimensions of a fight in an instant - but this ability requires some foresight, as Thunderclap cannot be cast before Echo Chamber has been active for at least two seconds. Outside of lane, Entier's job remains unchanged - look for opportune moments to make a play, and never start a fight he cannot fully commit to immediately. Noxian Hailstorm, Echo Chamber, and Thunderclap all become more effective the more players are involved in a fight, granting the music-general and his team a huge advantage in teamfights. Additionally, Entier can Countoff against enemy structures and epic monsters, giving his team a boost when they decide to play around these objectives. As for items, the one item that should be core to any support Entier is {{item:3504}}. He can easily apply its passive to multiple allies and makes full benefit of the buff, as well. Further options include traditional support items like {{item:3107}} and {{item:3190}}, as well as {{item:3085}} for spreading Echo Chamber's on-hit slow or even {{item:3071}}, since Countoff can apply it rapidly. The Thunder of Drums could even choose to build Ability Power items to amp his abilities, particularly Thunderclap. ----- PLAYING AGAINST ENTIER As a squishy, immobile champion, Entier may seem like a good target to jump on. However, don't let that fool you - White Noise and Solid Sound are great tools for stopping his would-be killer in their tracks - to an extent. White Noise's silence doesn't last for very long, and Entier cannot shield himself with it. A bouncy brawler or other disruptor who can stand being silenced for a short duration and then jump over the artificial terrain of Solid Sound could easily prove to be a huge problem for the Thunder of Drums. Entier also struggles against opponents like {{champion:101}} and {{champion:161}} who outrange him and take advantage of his self-root and -slow. These champions can easily poke him out of lane and remain a threat to him throughout the game. Additionally, {{champion:16}} punishes Entier hard whenever he uses Solid Sound - her Equinox will forcefully extend the duration of Solid Sound and keep him silenced for the duration of her ability, rooting him further at the end. For other champions, Entier can be potentially baited into auto-attacking, thus wasting Strike the Beat, or even casting Echo Chamber in preparation for a big fight that never happens. Surprise him or trick him into thinking you're going to commit, and then back off. Just make sure your team understands this, or you may find yourself to have started a fight in the enemy music-general's favor! ----- CARRY ENTIER While the music-general may be best suited as an inspiring leader rather than a true carry, that doesn't mean Entier doesn't have the tools to be his team's primary marksman. The range granted to him by Countoff and Echo Chamber, plus the attack speed from Countoff and the Adaptive Force from Noxian Hailstorm, are all great for delivering an Attack Damage-amped payload of raw sound. The biggest drawback is that attacks during Countoff can only critically strike at 150% damage instead of 200%, but this can be avoided by instead building raw AD and is in fact made up for if Countoff is successful by means of the Attack Damage steroid. Attack damage isn't Entier's only option when he wants to really raise the roof. Ability power and on-hit items work well with his kit, despite the reduction in effectiveness during Countoff. In fact, Countoff is great for stacking up {{item:3124}}. ----- Expanded lore coming soon.

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