RGM Idea: Champion Abilities Now Contain Endless Range

KASSADIN GLOBAL ULT + 0.4s CD! Hilarious Gamebreaking Bug!
PBE is extremely broken right now. Also look at Veigar! Thanks for all the subs, likes, comments and shares! Helps me a lot! Send me your replays here: vandiril88@gmail.com Follow me on Twitch, Twitter, Facebook, Discord and Subreddit! http://www.twitch.tv/vandiril https://twitter.com/vandiril https://www.facebook.com/Vandiril https://discord.gg/Vandiril https://www.reddit.com/r/vandiril/ Music by Epidemic Sound
The video inspired this idea. Basically every ability in the game is global. To prevent things like lvl 1 {{champion:122}} pentas and {{champion:30}} never leaving the fountain, abilities are unable to be used in the fountain and entering the fountain ends all lingering effects like singed poison trail. To prevent camping, you can leave fountain through the walls. Probably should throw in some untargetability while in fountain to be safe. Since this would be blind draft you can get rid of the most annoying champions. Looking at you {{champion:27}} This is probably a terrible idea but I want it.

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