A Corporate Matter Season 9 Episode 12

#A Corporate Matter **Episode: _No Time For Losers_** {{champion:498}} "I need your help." {{champion:150}} "Why me Honestly, what do you all think I am going to do?" {{champion:498}} "I have a problem only a Corporate can fix, and you are the least intimidating Corporate here." {{champion:150}} "What, I'm totally intimidating. Aren't I, Soraka?" {{champion:16}} "Ehhhh..." {{champion:150}} "I can be very intimidating if I want to be." {{champion:498}} "Oh yeah sure, but we're off topic. It's Rakan, ever since you guys gave him another world champion skin without me, he's gotten a really big head. He barely even talks to me anymore and has become a huge diva. You need to fix it." {{champion:150}} "Oh, it's an Esports skin problem. Sorry, you're going to have to talk to our Esports Corporate." {{champion:498}} "You have an Esports Corporate?" {{champion:150}} "Yeah, with how big Esports are around here of course we do. It would be a pretty big plothole if we forgot to add one." {{champion:498}} "Great, who is it?" {{champion:150}} "Who is what?" {{champion:498}} "The Esports Corporate." {{champion:150}} "Right right..... I don't actually remember. We do have one, right Soraka?" {{champion:16}} "You're asking the wrong girl. Besides, isn't Art Master Malzahar in charge of the skins?" {{champion:150}} "He's in charge of most of them. But someone who I evidently have no memory of gets the final say on Esports skins." {{champion:498}} "Well thanks, you have been absolutely no help to me." {{champion:150}} "Hey, it's not my job to fix your love life. Maybe you should try couples counseling." {{champion:16}} "Have you tried actually talking to Rakan about your issues?" {{champion:498}} "Sit down and discuss our feelings? Ew." {{champion:16}} "Being able to have disscussions like this is one of the most important things in a relationship." {{champion:498}} "Fine, I'll try that. This is gonna suck." _**Some time later:**_ {{champion:498}} "Rakan, we need to talk!" {{champion:497}} "Can't right now babe. Got a press tour to go on. Maybe some other time?" {{champion:498}} "No, not some other time. Now!" {{champion:497}} _"Snaps fingers."_ "Hello, someone help? My girlfriend is being extra moody and a bit too clingy. Yeah, can one of you get her out of here?" {{champion:106}} "Come on, the champion needs some space." {{champion:498}} "Touch me and you'll be filled with more feathers than a rich man's pillow. I'll leave after I've talked with Rakan." {{champion:497}} "Listen Xayah, I'd love for you to come with me. But, after I was chosen as a world champion a second time, I can't be seen in public with someone like you. I'm a champion, and right now I have no time for losers." {{champion:498}} "But, what about our SSG days?" {{champion:497}} "Those are old now. People only care about the present, and right now that's me. I'm sorry you weren't good enough this year. Now, where is my Iced Coffee? **I ASKED FOR AN ICED COFFEE FIVE MINUTES AGO AND IT'S STILL NOT HERE! I AM GOING TO CLOSE MY EYES, AND IF THERE ISN'T A COLD CAFFEINATED DRINK IN MY HAND WHEN I OPEN THEM I AM GOING TO START FIRING INTERNS!!!!**" {{champion:498}} "I knew this talking thing was never going to work. Rakan, if you don't give up this IG act and come home with me right this instant; I swear to Rito I am going to beat you so hard that you will beg for the sweet release of death. But no, I won't let it come for you, not until after I've fed you to a desert creature. It will digest you for a thousand years, and you will be alive for every agonizing second of it." {{champion:497}} "Okay okay, I'm so sorry. I didn't mean any of it. I just liked having my own thing for once. I forgot how scary you w-" {{champion:498}} _"Looks at him angrily."_ {{champion:497}} "I mean, how amazing you are and how much I love you. Can you please forgive me?" {{champion:498}} "That's a good boy. Now let's go home and maybe I'll think about forgiving you."

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