Queen Yuumi: A Tactical Premade Gamemode

If you know the "My Lord" gamemode, you possibly know how most of this works. However, there's a few changes for this. There are three classes: {{champion:350}} Queen Yuumi, {{item:3109}} Knights, And {{item:3174}} Priests. ____ {{champion:350}} Queen Yuumi: The Queen MUST be Yuumi. Yuumi must take {{summoner:11}} Smite. Yuumi is not allowed to build anything except for {{item:2065}} her crown and Jungle item. Yuumi is not allowed to travel alone. All jungle buffs and objectives must be given to thy highness. Whenever Yuumi pings an enemy, all allies MUST attack the target. When Yuumi pings danger, all allies MUST retreat. ___ {{item:3109}} Knights: Knights must take {{summoner:11}}. Knights must build {{item:3109}} as second item and bind to the {{champion:350}} Queen. ( If one has already vowed to the Queen, build {{item:3050}}. ) Knights are the only allies allowed to carry the {{champion:350}} Queen. If a knight kills a target without giving {{champion:350}} the Queen a takedown, they must die. ___ {{item:3174}} Priests: Priests must take {{summoner:7}}. All Priests must have a healing or shielding ability. If the {{champion:350}} the Queen lost even a sliver of health, you must ping assistance for her to get off and get healed. Priests must build {{item:3174}} thy highness' grail. ___ Best Knights: {{champion:120}} Mobility and damage means never putting the Queen in danger. {{champion:240}} Health to keep the Queen alive. {{champion:429}} In a turn of events the Queen can be hurled to safety. ___ Best Priests: {{champion:76}} A great healer and priest without sacrificing team damage. Can jungle with the knights, thus be by the Queen's side at all times. {{champion:126}} Due to Yuumi's Blessing ( Aery ), Jayce can shield allies with W. This also means Grail can heal them. {{champion:432}} His ultimate allows the Queen to back away from immediate harm.
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