The Mischievous Adventures part 356

(Later) {{champion:22}}: "Now let's see, let's see...Hm...No that wouldn't sit about- No that's too early to develop....Dang I need something for this chapter. If I something that would inspire me-" {{champion:238}}: "Syndra! Hit me again! I need to perfect this block." {{champion:134}}: "Zed, do you think this is necessary?" {{champion:238}}: "Of course it is! Shen always hit me here. If I'm going to beat him, I'm going to have to need to stop that specific attack." {{champion:134}}: "What if he attacks you somewhere else, if you know he's going to do it?" {{champion:238}}: "....Your my favorite student." {{champion:134}}: "I know." {{champion:238}}: "Now let us no waste anymore time! Hit me at the side!" {{champion:22}}: "....Lightbulb."
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