[Rework Concept] Amumu, the Sad Mummy

https://www.cartoonbrew.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/thelastmummy-580x326.jpg --- Passive - Rest Nevermore: Upon death Amumu gains control of a shadow, which is invisible and untargetable. Amumu can target an enemy champion while a shadow and attach to them. Enemies with shadow Amumu attached to them cause a portion of the damage dealt to them to become true damage. While attached to an enemy champion, shadow Amumu can be targeted by another enemy champion or an enemy turret, after taking 3 attacks from a melee champion, 5 from a ranged champion, or 1 from an enemy turret, shadow Amumu will be destroyed. Giving shadow Amumu a movement command will detach him from the enemy, but not replenish his health. * Sarcophagus of Angor: When Shadow Amumu approaches certain areas of the map, a golden Sarcophagus will appear, allowing Shadow Amumu to teleport to anywhere on the map. The Sarcophagus appears next to shadow Amumu and hes pulled into it upon Amumu's revival. https://vignette.wikia.nocookie.net/leagueoflegends/images/0/0e/Amumu_Curse_of_Sad_Mummy_art_6.jpg/revision/latest?cb=20150126204735 Q - Trail of Fears - Passive: Amumu leave a trail of bandages behind him as he walks, the length increases with each level of this ability. An enemy who walks over the bandages are grounded and slowed briefly. Amumu's first basic attack against an enemy deals bonus magic damage and attaches bandages to his attack target for a few seconds, causing them to be tethered to Amumu by bandages, slowing and grounding them while tethered. An enemy who was tethered by Amumu's basic attacks can't again for several seconds. * Bandage Toss - First Cast: Amumu tosses his bandages in a target direction, causing a trail of bandages to be thrown out in front of him until it reaches the first enemy in it's path. The enemy struck is dealt magic damage, which applies on hit effects. * Hug Forever and Ever - Second Cast: Amumu pulls all enemies currently touching a trail of bandages to the largest unit tethered, stunning them all for a second. After the stunned, the enemies pulled become feared and flee from Amumu for .5 seconds. W - Alone Until the End: Amumu targets any unit, where Amumu will attempt to hug them. Amumu's ability will miss and cause his target to be cleansed and then immediately feared and flee from Amumu and with bonus movement speed for 1 second, allies will prioritizing locations devoid of enemy champions. E - Despair - Passive: When Amumu is attacked he gains a single stack of Despair and he begins to cry. When Amumu is attacked by a basic attack or targeted by an enemy ability it reduces the cooldown of Tantrum by .5 seconds. Being dealt enough damage will give Amumu a second stack. Each additional stack from this passive requires Amumu to take more damage to acquire the next stack. Each stack increases the area of effect of Tantrum. * Tantrum - Active: Amumu will become angry and lash out, dealing bonus magic damage around him and gaining bonus stacks of Despair. All units around Amumu will be slightly pushed away from Amumu while he Tantrums. * Wicked Tantrum - Auto Cast: When Amumu hits 10 stacks of Despair, he will instantly cast Wicked Tantrum, temporarily destroying all near by terrain and brush, pushing all allies outside of the area of effect, and mummifying all enemies within range of Amumu, causing each enemy to gain a small shield which suppresses them for 5 seconds. When the shield breaks they are cleansed. R - Curse of the Sad Mummy - Passive: A dark unseen force causes the curse to manifest, summoning a dark shadow to be summoned, two for each level of this ability. They are invisible and untargetable. If a shadow were to be destroyed, it will eventually reform, based on Amumu's cooldown reduction. Shadows have reduced sight range. * Active - Tap: The unseen force will command the selected shadows. Instead of attacking, these shadows will attach to target enemies, causing them to convert a portion of the damage dealt to them to be converted into true damage, for each shadow attached. Enemies can see the shadows once they are attached to an enemy. Enemy towers or other enemy champions will then be able to target the shadows attached to enemies, attacking them 3 times, 5 times for ranged enemies, 1 time from a tower, will destroy all the shadow on the target enemy champion. Shadows can be commanded at any range away from Amumu. The shadows can also use the Sarcophagus of Angor. * Active - Hold: Creates an area which will cause the shadows within that area to be commandable. * Active - Double Tap: Selects all shadows on the map.

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