Bard and His trow

Trow (folklore) - Wikipedia
Trows are nocturnal creatures, like the troll of Scandinavian legend with which the trow shares many similarities. They venture out of their 'trowie knowes' (earthen mound dwellings) solely in the evening, and often enter households as the inhabitants sleep. Trows traditionally have a fondness for music, and folktales tell of their habit of kidnapping musicians or luring them to their dens.
So I am a lover of old time lore and folktales and when I heard of trow I thought of this skin idea, I don't have a picture to go with it because I can't draw but I want you guys to know what you guys think of this idea. So bard's description says lesser spirit's follow him, trow are mischievous spirits,who also love music. They are shy but I think a magical bard would attract their attention. And I think mischievous trow would be a fun twist to the keeps we have now. Bard's used to play music and tell stories so I think a skin that captured the idea of an old time storyteller be cool. His chimes could be little magical mounds (the trowie knowes from the lore) and could jump around and trip each other capturing their mischievous personality while they walk with bard. His caretaker's shrine could be a book, or a tankard of ale. And I think it could be fun to have a little short story of kind bard trying to make up for the mischief his trow make as he goes from place to place. What do you guys think of this skin idea?

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