My "level" suggestion: Let's get more players

I think it's time for some changes in the way new players have to approach league. I'm going to cut straight to the chase I say we remove levels entirely and instead provide: All of the 450 IP champs free on account creation A mandatory tutorial on item buying (how to itemize) vs certain champs in a bot tutorial game to give them an idea on how to build in real games A quick comprehensive guide on how to set up a mastery page when you first click the mastery page button A quick comprehensive guide to set up rune pages when they first click the rune page button 2 free rune pages on account creation (may already be like this don't remember, if not it's necessary) Get rid of tier one runes, keep tier 2 runes and provide all of them free renamed as "starter runes" as people purchase their way in to full tier 3 runes and get to practice setting up rune pages. While they work on getting better at the game and acquire tier 3 runes. 10 game requirement on a specific champion to be able to play it in ranked on new accounts, until they have 10 champions with 10 games played on each (100 games) to prevent new players that don't know their champions/don't have enough game knowledge to be competitive from getting in to ranked. Let me know what you think. IMO this would be way better than a level setup where you have to unlock rune slots, and unlock mastery points without being allowed to have a full mastery tree until you're level 30. Best part about it is, it's not really going to affect the game's current players at all... So it can be implemented immediately without repercussions. I feel like this would make the game way more approachable. XP boosts wouldn't be needed anymore, but IP boosts are there and it would essentially just open up people to spending more on champs/IP boosts.
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