[New Champion Concept] Vaaleria the Bloodthirst

Vaaleria the Bloodthirst Female Darkin 350 melee/range mage champion that uses whipblade passive: Whipblade Gains 7.5-33 magic penetration based on level Q: Reep 480 range 10 sec cooldown 60 mana Vaaleria swings her whip dealing 80-200 (50%AP) magic damage to all enemies around her (Preforms horizontal head down spin). W: Bloodrain (On hit Passive) Enemies that she damages bleed 2/3/4/5/6% of their missing health as magic damage over 5 sec. E: Exceed leap range 300 Whip range 550 12 sec cooldown 60 mana Briefly leaps (Side flip) in targeted direction  smacking her whip into the ground dealing 90-180 (60%AP) magic damage to all enemies in line. R: Bloodbath Cooldown 120 sec, will go on cooldown after duration 100 mana Duration 6 sec Vaaleria gains 15/30/45% Omnivamp and rises cooldown reduction of basic abilities to 50/65/80% (This reduction is limit breaker and cannot go higher by any means).
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