Jhin Concept Idea #1: (4 Phase changing Skin with special Kill effects.)

This is a concept that I thought about for the Champion Jhin due to the lack of such a skin for a champion obsessed with the number 4 Khada Jhin 4 Phase skin variant (For everything I have another concept dealing with numbers 1,2,3,4 in Roman numerals that has a different variation of color and kill effect based on the stage of his act. For now, this is the first variation of the idea that I came up with). Perfection Much like Jhins base outfit, it shines of silvers and gold every shot glimmering with the very same. The fourth shot always exploding into a burst of gold. The difference is the music that plays, with each burst of Whisper the pacing quickens as it reaches the finale. Upon killing a champion their body twists and turns as it falls slowly reaching for the sky as they are enveloped and disappear in a flood of golden sparks. But only if they are killed with the fourth shot. Any other and they will simply fade upon hitting the ground their death not reaching the point so held dear by the infamous “Golden Demon” Curtain Call: Upon its activation Jhins music changes suddenly taking a sharp turn as the shots are fired quickening to a high not that draws on as they are fired. The fourth shot of the ability leaving behind a trail of white light that stays upon killing an enemy for the time the animation takes place. - Upon killing an enemy with the fourth bullet the trail of silver will outline with gold and the sparks that the champion gives off with flow forward in the direction of the shot creating an intricate design of perfection that attracts the eyes. -Upon death, this leaves behind a rose of silver and gold intertwined that shines and sparks twice before laying still. (Vanishing after the champion respawns). Judgment This skin variation is unique for its dual nature that Jhin is tailored to transpire upon his foes. Each shot changing between white and black as his hidden employers hand out his target. His outfit also changes with every fourth shot that kills a target. The music that plays changes depending on the shot loaded within Whispers fourth chamber. The black bullets symphony sharp and precise the build-up increasing for every bullet before it. The white bullet its music slow and pronounced slowing with each until the final bullet is loaded at which point the pacing will increase by each interval until it is fired. -If either is not fired the end of the music plays in one final tone before Jhin reloads. Black for the target he is to kill: Killing a target with black causes their body to launch into the air, dark spirals of magic rooting them to the ground and exploding outward as Jhin completes his goal White for the terror he is to bring: With white, the target falls to the ground stopping just before as a wave of white energy explodes outward lifting the champion as if they were a ghost causing them to fade into the wind in a single tremendous blast. Curtain Call: Each bullet fired is white up until the finally unless a champion is killed before it. Each one leaving wisps of smoke that fade quickly The fourth and final bullet leaves shadows that stretch and draw outward as it flies leaving behind art that upon contact with the champion that results in their end explodes outward drawing forth the shadows and in a gentle symphony as they are lifted into the air and turn to shadows. Fading into the ground leaving behind the symbol of a black rose as their grave marker. --If killed with a white bullet then they fade in much the same way as usual, but the whole action is larger and leaves behind a white rose. Inspiration Into the night Khada Jhin stalks, alone with his target he waits for the perfect moment before his strike. There is no need to rush, for this is a personal performance. The music for this is always slower and even when firing only changes the tempo slightly bringing with it another note from Jhins song hidden beneath. Each bullet leading to his forth is of a dark blue, with a core of white that upon impact ignites sparks that act like moths fluttering in the night. The fourth However is reversed and upon impact (and success) will explode in a flurry of shimmering lights spreading across their form as they are engulfed. (When the E effect ends the shimmering lights explode outward in a spiral leaving behind a blue rose with a single center of silver. Curtain Call: The end result is fairly much the same it's the way to get there, the inspiration that changes. Each bullet fires leaves a trail of blue darkening the path and setting the tone for the final shot as small sparks illuminate the path as before until the ability ends. -The final shot reversed as it leaves a trail of the fluttering (Think moths) remnants of magic and upon hitting draws in the smoke left behind by the others and engulfing the champion as the fluttering magic engulfs them. Each one fired uses a different violin note to display the difference, but the final shot mellows it out for the witnessing of the final shot. Crescendo (Not good enough, but needed a fourth that was spectacular) The fourth and final form (I think that this form should only be unlocked in a match after getting four kills) -Now it is time, Jhins final act. Jhins cloak outlines features of his other three forms. As to keep with his flow he swaps between each of the other firing abilities and animations every four shots. In this form after his third change of the cullets, Jhin moves on to the Crescendo where each bullet fires in a combination of blood red and gold. The fourth bullet is……(Any Ideas) I am not able to finish this right now as I have run out of time this morning, but this is the concept. Any ideas to further it or change things is welcome I just really wanted to get the idea out there. I mean really the guy that's obsessed with 4 doesn't have a 4 phased skin...
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