Please Allow Us to Gift With Blue Essence

If you want my honest opinion of the blue essence system I think it does a terrible job at attracting and retaining new players because it seems practically impossible to play new champs unless you spend real money to do so (which a lot of people don't have). I have tried to get some of my friends to try this game however they get discouraged because they are unable to go and attain new champs because the blue essence system is THAT BAD. So what I wanted to do since I have played this game for a very long time and have every champ (since I started playing before the BE system) I wanted to go and buy some of my friends the majority of the champs they like however I would have to spend REAL money to do so (which I don't have since I'm in college). Since it is impossible for new players to get new champs and Riot seems dead set on keeping the BE system (that does not attract or retain new players) PLEASE allow us to gift people champions with blue essence. I have so much of this garbage (because I played before the BE system when IP was actually attainable). Honestly changing the system is better long term wise however I know Riot won't do it so ya. If they we're to allow this maybe some people who currently play league can introduce their friends to the game and I guess tough luck for new players just trying the new game since they won't be able to buy shit xd.
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