A new skin for Twitch

Hello everyone! i got an idea of a new twitch skin that could be released if the Riot members would like to pay attention to it. My idea is to give Twitch something like a laser gun (instead of his crossbow) and maybe some new cool textures/clothes like all the other new/popular champions have gotten ... for an example the Pulsefire caitlyn skin where she have a laser gun instead of her normal gun. Im not saying that you should make a pulsefire Twitch skin but maybe something that is very alike it because THE TWITCH MAINS NEED IT! twitch have not get any skins for a very very long time and seeing all the other champions getting the skins is making me a bit sad :.( and i personaly think that you should look into it and create something new futuristic for twitch (laser gun) {{champion:29}} {{champion:29}}
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